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Abbas, Aqeel reviews Hsiao-wen Cheng's Divine, Demonic, and Disordered: Women Without Men in Song Dynasty China

Adihartono, Wisnu reviews Hongwei Bao's Queer Comrades: Gay Identity and Tongzhi Activism in Postsocialist China

Agnes, Flavia, How 'Consent,' 'Agency' and 'Age' Play out across the Complex Terrain of Family Laws in India: A Socio-Legal Exploration

Ali, Tahoor reviews Esra Mirze Santesso's Disorientation: Muslim Identity in Contemporary Anglophone Literature

Aiyappan, Arya, When a Rudaali raises a Bawandar: The Marginalised get a Voice

Alexeyeff, Kalissa, Dancing Gender in the Cook Islands: Globalisation, Regional Flows and the Boundaries of the Nation

Alimi, Moh Yasir, Head covering to Live By: Cipo'-Cipo', Shari'ah and Women's Experience of Clothing in South Sulawesi

Allen, Pamela, Indonesia's Anti-Pornography Bill

Allen, Holly Eva reviews Reginald Jackson's A Proximate Remove: Queering Intimacy and Loss in The Tale of Genji

Andajani-Sutjahjo, Sari, Linda Rae Bennett and Sharyn Graham Davies, Silent Strategies: The Legacy of Sexual Violence among Chinese Indonesians

Andaya, Barbara reviews Carolyn Brewer's Holy Confrontation: Religion, Gender and Sexuality in the Philippines, 1521-1685

Angles, Jeffrey, Penisism and the Eternal Hole: (Homo)Eroticism and Existential Exploration in the Early Poetry of Takahashi Mutsuo

Angles, Jeffrey (trans.), Katsuhiko Suganuma Interview with Takahashi Mutsuo

Angles, Jeffrey (trans.), Takahashi Mutsuo, Poems

Anonymous, Interlocutor: Akhil Katyal, Being Queer in Delhi University: A Personal Narrative

Antonio, Bonnadelbert A., Philip C. Lucas and Agnes M. Brazal, On Women Making the First Move: Has the Courting Script Changed?

Aoki, Chinseki, 'I still have an ambition: to become a scholar'

Aoyama, Tomoko, Performing Father-Daughter Love: Inoue Hisashi's Face of Jizo

Aoyama, Tomoko, Eureka Discovers Culture Girls, Fujoshi, and BL: Essay Review of Three Issues of the Japanese Literary magazine, Yuriika (Eureka)

Aoyama, Tomoko, A Girls' Literary and Cultural Studies' Best Friend

Assmann, Stephanie reviews (in English) Barbara Holthus' Paarbeziehungen in japanischen Frauenzeitschriften seit 1970. Medien und Geschlecht in Japan

Aulino, Felicity reviews Patchanee Malikhao's Sex in the Village: Culture, Religion and HIV/AIDS in Thailand

Azmi, Fazeeha, The Vulnerability of Women Traders in the Thambuttegama Periodic Market, or Pola, in Sri Lanka

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Baas, Michiel, Queer Asia: Advances in a Field in Motion     [pdf version]

Bainbridge, Jason and Craig Norris, Posthuman Drag: Understanding Cosplay as Social Networking in a Material Culture

Baird, Barbara Introduction: Gender and Culture in Contemporary Indonesia

Bai Zhihong reviews Kristina Goransson's The Binding Tie: Chinese Intergenerational Relations in Modern Singapore

Banerji, Rita, Female Genocide in India and the 50 Million Missing Campaign

Banerji, Rita, The Pink Panties Campaign: The Indian Women's Sexual Revolution

Barraclough, Ruth reviews Jin-kyung Lee's Service Economies: Militarism, Sex Work and Migrant Labor in South Korea

Barraclough, Ruth, The Courtesan's Journal:
Kisaeng and the Sex Labour Market in Colonial Korea

Bardsley, Jan reviews The Modern Girl Around the World Research Group's The Modern Girl Around the World: Consumption, Modernity, and Globalization

Bardsley, Jan, The New Woman Meets the Geisha: The Politics of Pleasure in 1910s Japan

Barske, Valerie H., 'Dancing Through' Historical Trauma: Okinawan Performance in Post-Imperial Japan

Bascara, Victor, Keith L. Camacho and Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Introduction: Gender and Sexual Politics of Pacific Island Militarisation,     [pdf version]

Basu, Nivedita reviews Henrike Donner's Domestic Goddesses: Maternity, Globalisation and Middle-class Identity in Contemporary India

Bauer, J. Edgar, Magnus Hirschfeld: Panhumanism and the Sexual Cultures of Asia

Beazley, Harriot, 'I Love Dugem': Young Women's Participation in the Indonesian Dance Party Scene

Beaumont-Vernon, Anne reviews Megan J. Sinnott's Toms and Dees: Transgender Identity and Female Same-Sex Relationships in Thailand

Beniwal, Anup and Amrita Mehta, Communalism and the Poetic Imagination: A Study of Indian English Women's Poetry

Bennett, Linda Rae and Petra Mahy Introduction: Women and Gender Politics in Asia and the Pacific

Bennett, Linda Rae, Infertility, Womanhood and Motherhood in Contemporary Indonesia: Understanding Gender Discrimination in the Realm of Biomedical Fertility Care

Bennett, Helen and Lyn Parker, Body, Sexuality and Gender among Contemporary Indonesian Youth: Introduction.

Berry, Chris, My Queer Korea: Identity, Space and the 1998 Seoul Film and Video Festival

Berry, Chris, Bangkok's Alternative Love Film Festival Raided: Chris Berry interviews Sopawan Boonimitra

Berry, Chris reviews Kam Louie's Theorising Chinese Masculinity: Society and Gender in China

Bhat, Kamalakar, Embedded Imagination and Otherness in Shashi Deshpande's That Long Silence

Bhatia, Manjeet reviews Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey's The Great Indian Phone Book: How the Cheap Cell Phone Changes Business, Politics, and Daily Life

Biana, Hazel T., Mark Anthony Dacela and Rosallia Domingo, Disrupting Epistemic Injustice: Gender Equality and Progressive Philippine Catholic Communities

Boltin, Kylie, a review of Dir. Andrej Fidyk's Battu's Bioscope

Bhatia, Manjeet reviews Bishakha Datta's edited book 9 Degrees of Justice: New Perspectives on Violence against Women in India

Bhatia, Manjeet reviews Srila Roy's edited New South Asian Feminisms: Paradoxes and Possibilities

Biswas, Kanchan reviews Sarah Lamb's Being Single in India: Stories of Gender, Exclusion, and Possibility

Borch, Rossi von der, Eating Together: Navigating Commensality in Expatriate Households Employing Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore

Børdahl, Vibeke reviews Anne E. Mclaren's Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China

Bowen-Raddeker, Hélène, Resistance to Difference: Sexual Equality and its Advocates in Imperial Japan

Bowie, Katherine A. reviews Peter A. Jackson & Nerida M. Cook (eds), Genders and Sexualities in Modern Thailand,

Bowen, Zazie Messengers and Media Messages: Learning and Knowledge of Muslim Women in India

Boyd, James reviews Yoshio Sugimoto's An Introduction to Japanese Society: Second Edition

Boyd, James reviews Leith Morton's Modern Japanese Culture, The Insider View

Boyd, James reviews Chongho Kim's Korean Shamanism: The Cultural Paradox

Boyd, James, A Forgotten 'Hero': Kawahara Misako and Japan's Informal Imperialism in Mongolia during the Meiji Period

Brewer, Carolyn, Baylan, Asog, Transvestism and Sodomy: Gender, Sexuality and the Sacred in Early Colonial Philippines

Brewer, Carolyn, Introduction and Acknowledgements: Issue 2

Brewer, Carolyn reviews Merlinda Bobis' White Turtle

Brewer, Carolyn reviews Heather Claussen's Unconventional Sisterhood: Feminist Catholic Nuns in the Philippines

Brewer, Carolyn reviews Elizabeth Mary Holt's Colonizing Filipinas: Nineteenth-Century Representations of the Philippines in Western Historiography

Brewer, Carolyn, Mark McLelland and Intersections

Broderick, Mick, Topographies of Trauma: Dark Tourism, World Heritage and Hiroshima

Broderick, Mick and Antonio Traverso, Post-war Trauma in Japan: Media, Arts and Gender

Broderick, Mick reviews Anime's Apocalypse: Neon Genesis Evangelion as Millennarian Mecha

Broderick, Mick reviews Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away by Miyazaki's Fantasy

Brown, Alexander reviews Ruth Barraclough and Elyssa Faison's edited volume Gender and Labour in Korea and Japan: Sexing Class

Buck, Ralph, Men Teaching Dance

Burgess, Chris, The Relevance of the Bridging of Discourse and Feminist Theory for Japan

Burns, Catherine, Competing Narratives of Romance and Rape: A Marital Damage Trial in Japan

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Cai, Junyi reviews Maud Lavin, Yang Ling and Zhao Jing Jamie (eds), Boys' Love, Cosplay, and Androgynous Idols: Queer Fan Cultures in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Caluya, Gilbert reviews Martin F. Manalansan IV Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora

Campos, Michael Sepidoza, Clarence Darro del Castillo, Gregory Siy Ching and Fides del Castillo, Emotions towards God of Selected LGBTQs in the Philippines and the Experience of Shame

Cass, Victoria reviews Wang Ping's Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China

Caulfield, Tanya, Life Without Marriage: Actualities of Unmarried Women in Delhi

Caulfield, Tanya, reviews Ashwini Tambe's Codes of Misconduct: Regulating Prostitution in Late Colonial Bombay

Caulfield, Tanya reviews Neepa Majumdar's Wanted Cultured Ladies Only! Female Stardom and Cinema in India 1930s – 1950s

Caulfield, Tanya reviews Salla Sariola's Gender and Sexuality in India: Selling Sex in Chennai

Chakraborty, Kabita, Young Married Muslim Couples Negotiating their Sexual Lives in the Urban Slums of Kolkata, India

Chakraborty, Sanchayita Paul and Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha review Preeti Singh's Relocating Gender in Dharmasastras

Chakravarty, Saumitra, Defeating Patriarchal Politics: The Snake Woman as Goddess: A Study of the Manasa Mangal Kavya of Bengal

Chakravarty, Saumitra, Patriarchal Politics and the (Dis)Empowerment of Hindu Goddesses: Unveiling the Chandi Mangal and the Devi Mahatmya of the Markandeya Purana

Chakravarty, Saumitra, reviews Jayant Bhalchandra Bapat and Ian Mabbett (eds) The Iconic Female: Goddesses of India, Nepal and Tibet

Chakravarty, Saumitra, Female Sexuality: An Intertextual Analysis of Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray

Chalmers, Sharon, Tolerance, Form and Female Dis-ease: The Pathologisation of Lesbian Sexuality in Japanese Society

Chalmers, Sharon, My Queer Career: Coming out as a 'Researcher' in Japan

Chalmers, Sharon reviews Izumo Marou & Claire Maree's Love Upon the Chopping Board

Chandra, Subhash reviews Manju Kapur's A Married Woman

Chandra, Subhash reviews Ana Garcia-Arroyo's The Construction of Queer Culture in India: Pioneers and Landmarks

Chandra, Subhash reviews Malashri Lal and Sukrita Paul Kumar's edited text Interpreting Homes in South Asian Literature

Chandra, Subhash, Acknowledgements

Chandra, Subhash, Theory, Movement, Context: Women in Culture and Literature in India An Introduction

Chandra, Subhash interviews Agniva Lahiri, Founder and Execuitive Director of PLUS-KOLKATA, an NGO working for protection and promotion of rights of transgenders in India.

Chandra, Subhash reviews Sumanyu Satpathy's The Voyage Out: Contemporary Oriya Short Stories by Women

Chandra, Subhash, Death of the Two

Dang, Emily reviews Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen's South Vietnamese Soldiers: Memories of the Vietnam War and After

Chandhrika G, Of Men, Women and Morals: Gender, Politics and Social Reform in Colonial South India

Charlton, Sabdha reviews Dir. Kunihiko Ikuhara's Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku [The Adolescence of Utena]

Chatterjee, Niladri R. reviews Arvind Narrain and Gautam Bhan (eds) Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India

Chatterjee, Niladri R., 'Now I'm Chapal Rani': Chapal Bhaduri's Hyperformative Female Impersonation

Chattier, Priya, Sita's Virtue, Streedharma and Shakti: Politics of Gender in Rural Fiji Indian Society

Chauhan, Vibha S., Psycho-Sexual Universe and Relations of Power in the Novel and Society in India

Cheesman, Nick reviews Chie Ikeya's Refiguring Women, Colonialism, and Modernity in Burma

Chen Ta-Yuan, Half Mountain – Half Sea: Women's Roles in the Fishing Communities of Post-war Kaohsiung

Chiu, Lily V., 'An Open Wound on a Smooth Skin': (Post)colonialism and the Melancholic Performance of Trauma in the Works of Linda Lê

Chng, Melvin, We the Citizens of Singapore, Pledge Ourselves as One United People … 'But What If I'm Gay?': The Homosexual as a Discursive Citizen in Singapore

Cho, John (Song Pae) reviews >Chris Berry, Fran Martin, & Audrey Yue (eds), Mobile Cultures: New Media in Queer Asia

Choi, Hyaeweol, Allure and Anxiety: Entertainers, Glamour Girls and New Women in Japan and Korea

Choi, Hyaeweol, In Search of Knowledge and Selfhood: Korean Women Studying Overseas in Colonial Korea

Claremont, Yasuko, Chiba Kameo: The Making of Modern Japanese Women

Clery, Tui Nicola reviews Christine Stewart's Name, Shame and Blame: Criminalising Consensual Sex in Papua New Guinea

Clery, Tui Nicola, The F Word: Challenging Gender Norms, Performing Possibilities and Celebrating Lesbian Relationships in Contemporary Fiji

Clode, Jerry, reviews Director Lou Ye's Suzhou River

Coates, James reviews Amy Hanser's Service Encounters: Class, Gender and the Market for Social Distinction in Urban China

Coates, Jennifer reviews Noriko J. Horiguchi's Women Adrift: The Literature of Japan's Imperial Body

Coates, Jennifer, The Fragmented Family on Film: Kinoshita Keisuke's Nihon no Higeki (The Tragedy of Japan) (1953) and the Antecedents of the Contemporary Fragmented Family in Japan

Conlon, Frank reviews Enrica Garzilli, (ed.) Journal of South Asia Women Studies 1995-1997

Copeland, Rebecca, Between Allure and Anxiety: An Imaginary Encounter

Costa, LeeRay M. reviews Penny Van Esterik's Materializing Thailand

Costa, LeeRay M. & Andrew Matzner, Abusing Images: Domestic Violence in Thai Cartoon Books

Craven, Allison & Patricia Goon, Whose Debt?: Globalisation and White-facing in Asia

Creese, Helen, Images of Women and Embodiment in Kakawin Literature

Creese, Helen, Reading the Bali Post: Women and Representation in Post-Suharto Bali

Creese, Helen, The Regulation of Marriage and Sexuality in Precolonial Balinese Law Codes

Crinis, Vicki, Continuities and Dis-continuities: The Gendered Experiences of Malay Workers and Migrant Workers in the Manufacturing Industries of Malaysia

Crockarell, Sarah reviews Evelyn Blackwood's Falling Into the Lesbi World: Desire and Difference in Indonesia

Curran, Beverley reviews Leonie R. Stickland's Gender Gymnastics: Performing and Consuming Japan's Takarazuka Revue

Curtin, Brian reviews Daniel Gawthrop's The Rice Queen Diaries: A Memoir

Curtin, Brian, But what can ever happen to Queer Theory?: An Introduction to 'Queer Theory and Visual Cultures in Southeast Asia'

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Dale, S.P.F., An Introduction to X-Jendā: Examining a New Gender Identity in Japan

Dales, Laura, Connection and Collaboration: Women's Centres and NGO Women's Groups in Japan

Dalton, Emma, Reflections on Interviewing Japanese Female Members of Parliament

Dang, Emily reviews Leta Hong Fincher's Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China

Dar, Shazia Riaz and Sobia Bano review Senthorun Sunil Raj's Feeling Queer: Jurisprudence Injury, Intimacy, Identity

Darroch, George reviews Richard Eves and Leslie Butt's Making Sense of AIDS: Culture, Sexuality and Power in Melanesia

Das, Chaity, Is vengeance mine? A Semiotic and Cultural Analysis of the Urban Woman Avenger in Popular Hindi Cinema

Dasgupta, Rohit reviews Ruth Vanita's Gender, Sex and the City: Urdu Rekhti Poetry in India, 1780–1870

Dasgupta, Romit reviews Gregory M. Pflugfelder's Cartographies of Desire: Male-Male Sexuality in Japanese Discourse, 1600-1950

Dasgupta, Romit reviews Gayatri Gopinath's Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures

Dasgupta, Romit, Globalisation and the Bodily Performance of 'Cool' and 'Un-cool' Masculinities in Corporate Japan

Davies, Sharyn Graham and Hanny Savitri Hartono, The Pretty Imperative: Handcuffing Policewomen in Indonesia
[pdf version]

DeCarvalho, Lauren reviews Dina Lowy's The Japanese "New Woman": Images of Gender and Modernity

Dechamma, Sowmya, Of Death, Rituals and Songs for the Dead: Kodavas and their Histories

Degabriele, Maria reviews Hanifa Deen's Broken Bangles

Degabriele, Maria, Prince of Darkness Meets Priestess of Porn: Sexual and Political Identities in Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album

Degabriele, Maria reviews Chilla Bulbeck's Re-Orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Postcolonial World

DeLisle, Christine Taitano A History of Chamorro Nurse-Midwives in Guam and a 'Placental Politics' for Indigenous Feminism     [pdf version]

de Reuck, Jenny & Helena Grehan, Performing LEAR?: Introduction

de Reuck, Jenny, 'The mirror shattered into tiny pieces': Reading Gender and Culture in the Japan Foundation Asia Centre's LEAR

Devasahayam, Theresa W., Say No to Seks Bebas! Transnational Women Migrants and Indonesia's Strategies for HIV Prevention

Dey, Roma, Dalit Women's Autobiographical Writings: A Gaze Back

Dey, Roma reviews Bina D'Costa's NationBuilding, Gender and War Crimes in South Asia

Dey, Roma reviews Shu-Yi Huang's Being a Mother in a Strange Land: Motherhood Experiences of Chinese Migrant Women in the Netherlands

Di Dio, Debora reviews Yan Hairong's New Masters, New Servants: Migration, Development, and Women Workers in China

Dobbs, Stephen reviews Aat Vervoorn's Re Orient Change in Asian Societies

Dobbs, Stephen reviews James F. Warren's Pirates, Prostitutes and Pullers Explorations in the Ethno- and Social History of Southeast Asia

Donald, Stephanie, Mapping China – Considering the Presentation of Statistical and Cultural Data for Large Readerships

Donald, Stephanie reviews Dir. Wayne Wang's Chinese Box

Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk reviews Shu-mei Shih's The Lure of the Modern: Writing Modernism in Semicolonial China 1917-1937

Doron, Assa reviews Craig Jeffrey, Patricia Jeffrey, Roger Jeffrey's Degrees Without Freedom? Education, Masculinities and Unemployment in North India

Dragojlovic, Ana, Performing Balinese Femininity in Migration

Drake, Phillip, Forbidden Love and Productive Friction: Taking Transgression Mainstream in the Indonesian Pop Song, Cinta Terlarang

Dvorak, Greg reviews Rey Ventura's Into the Country of Standing Men

Dwyer, Leslie, The Intimacy of Terror: Gender and the Violence of 1965-66 in Bali

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Ebron, Grace, Not Just the Maid: Negotiating Filipina Identity in Italy

Eckersall, Peter, Tour Performance 'Tokyo/Olympics': Digging the High Times of the 1960s

Edwards, Louise reviews Nan nü: Men, Women and Gender in Early and Imperial China, vol. 1, no. 2 (October, 1999)

Edwards, Louise reviews Ding Naifei's Obscene Things: Sexual Politics in Jin Ping Mei

Edwards, Louise reviews Arianne M. Gaetano & Tamara Jacka's edited volume, On The Move: Women in Rural-to-Urban Migration in Contemporary China

Eklund, Lisa and Kristina Göransson, Resituating Parenthood: Emergent Subjects and Shifting Power Relations in Urban East Asian Families

Eklund, Lisa, Preference or Aversion? Exploring Fertility Desires among China's Young Urban Elite

Elias, Juanita, Gendered Tensions, Resistances and Confusions in Malaysia's Pursuit of Economic Competitiveness: The Case of Women's Labor Force Participation

Ellis, Kathleen reviews Kyung Hyung Kim's The Remasculinization of Korean Cinema

Emmerson, Richard (trans.), Ishida Hitoshi, Interactive Practices in Shinjuku Ni-Chōme's Male Homosexual Bars

Esara, Pilapa, Loving Warm Families: Exploring Gender Equality within a Bangkok Slum

Espinosa, Shirlita reviews Roderick G. Galam's The Promise of the Nation: Gender, History and Nationalism in Contemporary Ilokano Literature

Evans, Harriet, The Language of Liberation: Gender and Jiefang in early CCP Discourse

Evans, James Gethyn reviews Todd A. Henry's edited Queer Korea

Evans, Harriet reviews Charlotte Furth's A Flourishing Yin: Gender in China's Medical History, 960-1665

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Farber, Rebecca reviews Christine R. Yano's Airborne Dreams: 'Nisei' Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways
[pdf version]

Farmer, Brett, Mémoire en Abîme: Remembering (through) Centre Stage: a review of Dir: Stanley Kwan's, Centre Stage

Farrelly, Nicholas reviews Patricia V. Symonds' Calling in the Soul: Gender and the Cycle of Life in a Hmong Village

Farrer, James and Andrew David Field, From Interzone to Transzone: Race and Sex in the Contact Zones of Shanghai's Global Nightlife

Farrer, James reviews Mark McLelland & Romit Dasgupta edited volume, Genders, Transgenders, and Sexualities in Japan

Ferguson, Jane M., Is the Pen Mightier than the AK-47? Tracking Shan Women's Militancy Within and Beyond the Ongoing Internal Conflict in Burma

Field, Andrew David, Dancing in the Maelstrom of Chinese Modernity: Jazz-Age Shanghai Cabarets as Sexual Contact Zones in Fact and Fiction

Finnane, Antonia reviews Louise Edwards' Gender, Politics and Democracy: Women's Suffrage in China

Flaherty, Darryl reviews Miyume Tanji's Myth, Protest and Struggle in Okinawa

Linda Flores Narrating Trauma in Takahashi Takako's Sora no hate made: Perverse Motherhood

Flores, Eden Regala and Connie M. Aranduque, Gender Bias in Selected English Textbooks

Forsyth, Miranda, How can the Theory of Legal Pluralism Assist the Traditional Knowledge Debate?

Fox, Karen, Matriarchs, Moderates and Militants: Press Representations of Indigenous Women in Australia and New Zealand

Fox, Timothy, Just Another Cell in the Beehive: Interview with Shirley Geok-lin Lim Feminist Scholar, Teacher and Poet

Fraser, Lucy, An Unsuitable Job for a Girl: Violence and the Girl in Two Novels by Sakuraba Kazuki

Freedman, Alisa, Train Man and the Gender Politics of Japanese 'Otaku' Culture: The Rise of New Media, Nerd Heroes and Consumer Communities

Freedman, Alisa, Trekking with Mark McLelland to the Ends of Japanese Popular Culture

Freiberg, Freda, Japanese Cinema at Melbourne International Film Festival 2000

Frost, Stephen reviews Mandy Thomas' Dreams in the Shadows: Vietnamese-Australian Lives in Transition

Roussel, Flora reviews Sabine Frühstück's Gender and Sexuality in Modern Japan

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Gaetano, Arianne reviews Ping-Chun Hsiung, Maria Jaschok & Cecilia Milwertz (eds) with Red Chan, Chinese Women Organizing: Cadres, Feminists, Muslims, Queers

Gaffar, Zakian Hasan, Factors, Influences, and Processes in the Experiences of Indonesian Women who Migrate to Malaysia as Domestic Workers

Gagné, Isaac, Bracketed Adolescence: Unpacking Gender and Youth Subjectivity through Subcultural Fashion in Late-Capitalist Japan

Galbraith, Patrick W., Maid in Japan: An Ethnographic Account of Alternative Intimacy

Galbraith, Patrick W., Cosplay, Lolita and Gender in Japan and Australia: An Introduction

Ganguly, Debapriya and Rajni Singh, 'Hum Bhi Hai Insaan': The Transgender Humanitarian Crisis during the Covid-19 Pandemic in India

Ganguly, Debapriya and Rajni Singh, Some Reflections on the Gendered Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic in India

Garcia, J. Neil C., The Postcolonial Perverse: Hybridity, Desire, and the Filipino Nation in Federico Licsi Espino, Jr.'s Lumpen

Garcia, J. Neil C.Poems from Amsterdam

Gehrmann, Richard reviews Elena J. Kim's Adopted Territory: Transnational Korean Adoptees and the Politics of Belonging     [pdf version]

George, Nicole reviews Margaret Jolly, Christine Stewart with Carolyn Brewer's edited Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea

Gilbert, David reviews Audrey Yue and Jun Zubillaga-Pow's edited Queer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship and Mediated Cultures

Ginoza, Ayano, Dis/articulation of Ethnic Minority and Indigeneity in the Decolonial Feminist and Independence Movements in Okinawa     [pdf version]

Goggin, Gerard, Mark McLelland's Reorienting of Internet Studies

Goh, Esther CL, Bill YP Tsang and Srinivasan Chokkanathan, Intergenerational Reciprocity Reconsidered: The Honour and Burden of Grandparenting in Urban China

Goon, Patricia & Allison Craven, Whose Debt?: Globalisation and White-facing in Asia

Göransson, Kristina, 'The Mumpreneur': Intensive Motherhood, Maternal Identity and the Meaning of Educational Work in Singapore

Göransson, Kristina reviews JaneMarie Maher and Wendy Chavkin's edited The Globalization of Motherhood: Deconstructions and Reconstructions of Biology and Care

Gorman, Hilary, Marginalisation of 'Immoral Women': Experiences of Young Women Street Sex Workers in Surabaya, Indonesia

Gotlieb, Nanette reviews Fushimi Noriaki, Matsuzawa Kureichi, Kurokawa Noboyuki, Yamanaka Toshio, Oikawa Kenji, Noguchi Katsuzō, 'Okama' wa sabetsu ka: 'Shūkan Kinyōbi no Sabetsu Hyōgen Jiken [Does 'okama' have discriminatory connotations? The discriminating expression case in the weekly magazine Shūkan Kinyōbi]

Gotô, Kazuo, 'I am carrying a heavy loneliness on my back'

Goudie, Teresa reviews Vera Mackie's Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality

Grace, Jocelyn reviews Ha Thi Phuong Tien & Ha Quang Ngoc's Female Labour Migration: Rural-Urban

Grace, Jocelyn's reading notes on the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Center for Advanced Study's (CAS) Paths of Exploitation: Studies on the trafficking of women and children between Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

Grace, Jocelyn's reading notes on Susan Blackburn's (ed.) Love, Sex and Power: Women in Southeast Asia

Grace, Jocelyn reviews Oscar Salemink (ed.), Viet Nam's Cultural Diversity: Approaches to Preservation

Grace, Jocelyn, Sasak Women Negotiating Marriage, Polygyny and Divorce in Rural East Lombok

Graham, Sharyn, Negotiating Gender: Calalai' in Bugis Society

Graham, Sharyn reviews Teh Yik Koon's The Mak Nyahs: Malaysian Male to Female Transsexuals

Grehan, Helena & Jenny de Reuck, Performing LEAR?: Introduction

Grehan, Helena, Performed Promiscuities: Interpreting Interculturalism in the Japan Foundation Asia Centre's LEAR

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Habsari, Sri Kusumo, Fighting Bodies: The Construction of the Female Body in an Indonesian Television Serial

Handajani, Suzie, Western Inscriptions on Indonesian Bodies: Representations of Adolescents in Indonesian Female Teen Magazines

Harding, Claire, The Influence of the 'Decadent West': Discourses of the Mass Media on Youth Sexuality in Indonesia

Hartley, Barbara, Performing the Nation: Magazine Images of Women and Girls in the Illustrations of Takabatake Kasho, 1925-1937

Hartley, Barbara, Women Workers and Traders and the Globalisation Agenda in the Asian Context

Hartley, Barbara, Trading in Wives: Crossing the Border of China/Japan

Hartley, Barbara, The Fragmented Family in Modern Japan

Hartley, Barbara, Women in Love and Hate in 1960s Japan: Re-reading Ariyoshi Sawako's The Doctor's Wife

Hasegawa, Eiko ,Reconfiguring Boundaries: Expatriate Japanese Women in Shanghai

Hasegawa Hiroshi, trans. Mark McLelland, AIDS and the Gay Community in Japan

Hasegawa Hiroshi, trans. Edwin Whenmouth, Confessions of Madame Ursula Bearine

Hatley, Barbara, Hearing Women's Voices, Contesting Women's Bodies in Post New Order Indonesia

Hawkins, Richard, The Meatpacking District (some time in the future)

Helliwell, Christine, Engendering Sameness

Henderson, April K., Sean Mallon, Katerina M. Teaiwa, Dancing Gender, Culture and Identity: The Art and Politics of Moving Bodies in Oceania

Henne, Kathryn, From the Academy to the UN and Back Again: The Travelling Politics of Intersectionality

Hermkens, Anna-Karina, Mary, Motherhood and Nation: Religion and Gender Ideology in Bougainville's Secessionist Warfare

Hermkens, Anna-Karina, 'Raits blong mere?' Framing Human Rights and Gender Relations in Solomon Islands

Hjorth, Larissa, Re-imagining Japanese Gender and Gaming via Melbourne Female Cosplayers

Ho, Elaine, Stories that Refuse to be Told: Overseas Singaporean Women, Foreign Husbands and the Citizenship Terrain

Hof, Helena reviews Beata M. Kowalczyk's Transnational Musicians: Precariousness, Ethnicity and Gender in the Creative Industry

Holden, Todd, 'I'm Your Venus'/'You're a Rake': Gender and the Grand Narrative in Japanese Television Advertising

Holden, Todd reviews D.P. Martinez' (ed.) The Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture: Gender, Shifting Boundaries and Global Cultures

Holland, Allison, Mori Mariko and the Art of Global Connectedness

Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, Amy reviews Brigitte Baptandier (trans. Kristin Ingrid Fryklund) The Lady of Linshui: A Chinese Female Cult

Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, Amy, Women who refuse to marry, polygyny, extended families and other 'anomalies': Alternative gendered visions of intimacy, love, family and community in Asia and the Pacific

Hoofd, Ingrid Maria, Making Sense of the AWARE Saga: The Aporetic Enactment of Feminist Responsibility in Singapore

Hough, Brett reviews Cameron Forbes' Under the Volcano: The Story of Bali

Huang, Yachien, En-gender(ed) Politics: Representing Congress Members in the Best-selling Tabloid Newspaper in Taiwan

Huberman, Jenny reviews Assa Doron's Caste, Occupation and Politics on the Ganges: Passages of Resistance

Hübinette, Tobias, The Nation is a Woman: The Korean Nation Embodied as an Overseas Adopted Korean Woman in Chang Kil-su's Susanne Brink's Arirang

Hui, Pang, I am a Cloud

Hunter, Cynthia reviews Kalpana Ram & Margaret Jolly (eds), Maternities and Modernities: Colonial and Postcolonial Experiences in Asia and the Pacific

Hutagalung, Stella reviews Greg Fealy and Virginia Hooker's edited Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia: A Contemporary Sourcebook

Hutchison, Jane reviews Lynn M. Kwiatkowski's Struggling with Development: The Politics of Hunger and Gender in the Philippines

Hutchison, Jane reviews Arvonne S. Fraser and Irene Tinker (editors) Developing Power: How Women Transformed International Development

Hutchison, Jane reviews Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu's Possible Worlds in Impossible Spaces: Knowledge, Globality, Gender and Information Technology in the Philippines Top of Page


Idrus, Nurul Ilmi, 'Dissolution of Marriage': Gender, State and Islam in Contemporary Bugis Society in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Idrus, Nurul Ilmi, 'It's the Matter of a Piece of Paper': Between Legitimation and Legalisation of Marriage and Divorce in Bugis Society

Idrus, Nurul Ilmi, Behind the Notion of Siala: Marriage, Adat and Islam among the Bugis in South Sulawesi

Ikeda, Linda, Who Counts? Hawai'i's Mahuwahine (Male-to-Female Transgenders) and Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

Inton, MikeeThe Bakla and Gay Globality in Chris Martinez's Here Comes the Bride

Ishida Hitoshi, trans. Richard Emmerson Interactive Practices in Shinjuku Ni-Chōme's Male Homosexual Bars

Ishida Hitoshi & Murakami Takanori, trans. Wim Lunsing, The Process of Divergence between 'Men who Love Men' and 'Feminised Men' in Postwar Japanese Media

Ishii, Kazumi, Josei: A Magazine for the 'New Woman'

Izharuddin, Alicia, The Short Films of Mien Ly and an Articulation of Feminist Queer Theory in Malaysia

Isozaki, Anna Husson reviews Rita Banerji's Sex and Power: Defining History, Shaping Societies

Itoh, Mayuko, Dream Chasers: Japanese Migrant Women in International Marriages and their Experiences in the Hierarchy of Languages

Izbicki, Joanne, Singing the Orphan Blues: Misora Hibari and the Rehabilitation of Post-surrender Japan

Top of Page


Jacka, Tamara & Josko Petkovic, Ethnography and Video: Researching Women in China's Floating Population

Jacka, Tamara, 'My Life as a Migrant Worker': Women in Rural-Urban Migration in Contemporary China

Jacka, Tamara reviews Elaine Jeffreys (editor) Sex and Sexuality in China

Jackson, Peter reviews Tom Boellstorff's A Coincidence of Desires: Anthropology, Queer Studies, Indonesia

Jackson, Peter, Spurning Alphonso Lingis' Thai 'Lust': The Perils of a Philosopher at Large

Jackson, Peter A. reviews Scott Bravman's Queer Fictions of the Past—History, Culture and Difference

Jackson, Peter & Mark McLelland, Introduction to Special AsiaPacifiQueer Issue

Jackson, Peter, Performative Genders, Peverse Desires: A Bio-History of Thailand's Same-Sex and Transgender Cultures

Jackson, Peter, Thai Genders and the Limits of Western Gender Theory—a review essay of Penny Van Esterik's, Materializing Thailand

Jackson, Peter A., Mark McLelland and the AsiaPacifiQueer Project

Jacobs, Katrien, On the Japanese Doll Complex: Introduction

Jacobs, Katrien, On the Japanese Doll Complex: Four Noteworthy Incidents, film

Jacobs, Lyn, Remembering Forgetting: Love-stories by Nicholas Jose, Simone Lazaroo and Hsu-ming Teo

Jacobs, Robert, Reconstructing the Perpetrator's Soul by Reconstructing the Victim's Body: The Portrayal of the 'Hiroshima Maidens' by the Mainstream Media in the United States

Jain, Naresh K., Folk Imagination: Women in Indian Love Legends

Jakimow, Tanya, Agency to Feel, Feeling for Agency: Emotional and Affective Dimensions to Gendered Selves in Indonesia and India

Jauhola, Marjaana, 'Natural' Sex Difference? Negotiating the Meanings of the Sex, Gender and Kodrat through Gender Equality Discourse in Aceh, Indonesia

Jeffreys, Elena and Roberta Perkins, Sex Work, Migration, HIV and Trafficking: Chinese and other Migrant Sex Workers in Australia

Jeffreys, Elena, Anti-trafficking Measures and Migrant Sex Workers in Australia

Jeffreys, Elena Sex Work, Migration and Trafficking Identity Matters: Non-Sex Workers Writing About Sex Work

Jianying, Li, Working for Myself

Jingyu, Cui, Let Bygones be Bygones

John, Joya, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: The Vishakha Guidelines, Implementation and After

Johnson, Carol, Analysing the Politics of Same-Sex Issues in a Comparative Perspective: The Strange Similarities between John Howard and Mahathir Mohamad

Johnston, Melissa reviews Patty O'Brien's The Pacific Muse: Exotic Femininity and the Colonial Pacific

Johnston, Melissa reviews Tom Therik's Wehali, the Female Land: Traditions of a Timorese Ritual Centre

Jolly, Margaret and Hilary Charlesworth, Intersections of Gender and Law in Asia and the Pacific

Jortay, Coraline reviews Kay Schaffer and Xianlin Song's Women Writers in Postsocialist China

Jung, Kyungja reviews Adelyn Lim's Transnational Feminism and Women's Movements in Post-1997 Hong Kong: Solidarity Beyond the State

Jung, Sun, The Shared Imagination of Bishōnen, Pan-East Asian Soft Masculinity: Reading DBSK, and Transcultural New Media Consumption

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Khalid, Asad and Muhammad Safdar review Shenila Khoja-Moolj's Sovereign Attachments: Masculinity, Muslimness, and Affective Politics in Pakistan

Kam, Lucetta & James Welker, Introduction: Of Queer Import(s): Sexualities, Genders and Rights in Asia

Kang, Yoonhee, The Old Rhetoric of Emergent Motherhoods: Mothers' Heartfelt Care and Children's Education among South Korean Educational Migrants in Singapore

Karmakar, Goutam and Payel Pal, Room (Un)occupied: Repression, Precarity, and Autonomy in Sadia Abbas's The Empty Room

Kaur, Amarjit, International Labour Migration in Southeast Asia: Governance of Migration and Women Domestic Workers

Kawashima, Kumiko, Becoming Asian in Australia: Migration and a Shift in Gender Relations among Young Japanese

Kawashima, Kumiko reviews Elise Tipton's Modern Japan: A Social and Political History Second Edition

Kawashima, Kumiko, Crisis, Agency and Change: The Tenth International Women in Asia Conference

Kellar, Natalie, Beyond New Order Gender Politics: Case Studies of Female Performers of the Classical Balinese Dance-drama Arja

Kelsky, Karen, Japanese Women's Diaspora: An Interview

Kenny, Christina, 'She Grows to be Just a Woman, Not a Leader': Gendered Citizenship and the 2007 General Election in Kenya

King, Emerald reviews Ayelet Zohar's edited volume, PostGender: Gender, Sexuality and Performativity in Japanese Culture

King, Emerald, Girls Who are Boys Who like Girls to be Boys: BL and the Australian Cosplay Community

King, Emerald Absent Mothers, Constructed Families and Rabbit Babies

Khoo, Olivia, A review of Dir. Zhang Yuan's Seventeen Years

Kitley, Philip reviews Tom Boellstorff's The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia

Klein, Ronald, Markova—Wartime Comfort Gay in the Philippines: Interview with Walter Dempster, Jr.

Klein, Ronald, Introduction to the Markova Interview

Koh, Adeline and Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, Introduction: Troubling Gender, Vexing Sexualities in Singapore and Malaysia

Kobayashi, Yasuko Hassall reviews Wanning Sun's Maid in China: Media, Morality, and the Cultural Politics of Boundaries

Koerner, Jane and Seiichi Ichikawa, The Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Gay Men's Community-Based Responses in Japan

Kunze, Claudia, Elisabeth Schuele and Thomas Kroeck, Boys Treated as Gold, Girls as Silver: Obstacles to Gender Equality in Health Care for Children Under Five Years of Age in Bihar, India

Kurnia, Novi, Berbagi Suami (Love for Share): The Discourse of Polygamy in a Recent Indonesian Film

Top of Page


Laberge, Yves reviews Daisuke Miyao's Sessue Hayakawa: Silent Cinema and Transnational Stardom

Laberge, Yves reviews Anthony Synnott's Re-Thinking Men: Heroes, Villains and Victims

Lal, Malashri, Women's Issues in India: An Overview

Lawson, Stephanie reviews Louise Edwards & Mina Roces (eds), Women in Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Globalisation

Lavin, Maud reviews Fran Martin's Backward Glances: Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Female Homoerotic Imaginary

Lavin, Maud, Pink Writing: P.R.C.-Based Publishing in English on Queer and Post-Queer Issues

Lavin, Maud reviews Lucetta Yip Lo Kam's Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China

Lavin, Maud reviews Howard Chiang and Ari Larissa Heinrich (editors) Queer Sinophone Cultures

Lea, Andrew reviews Geng Song and Derek Hird's Men and Masculinities in Contemporary China     [pdf version]

Lee, Christina reviews Walt Disney's Mulan

Lee, Tracy K. reviews Saskia E. Wieringa, Evelyn Blackwood, Abha Bhaiya (eds), Women's Sexualities and Masculinities in a Globalizing Asia

Lee, SooJin reviews Christine R. Yano's Pink Globalisation: Hello Kitty's Trek across the Pacific

Lenzi, Iola, Looking Out: How Queer Translates in Southeast Asian Contemporary Art

Leong, Karen, Expanded Spaces and New Relations: The Evolution of New Women in East Asia

Leung, Helen Hok-Sze reviews Yau Ching's Xinbie guangying: Xianggang dianying zhong de xing yu xingbie wenhua yanjiu [Sexing shadows: Genders and sexualities in Hong Kong cinema]

Lewis-Harris, Jacquelyn A., Dancing on the Weekend: PNG Culture Schools in Urban Australia

Li, Xuan, The 'Nursing Dad'? Constructs of Fatherhood in Chinese Popular Media

Lingis, Alphonso Reply to Peter Jackson's 'Spurning Alphonso Lingis' Thai 'Lust': The Perils of a Philosopher at Large'

Lim, Shirley Goek-lin, Poems by Shirley Geok-lin Lim

Liong, Mario, Re-negotiating Fatherhood: Divorced Fathers in Hong Kong Experiencing and Resisting Stigma

Liu, Tina, Conflicting Discourses on Boys' Love and Subcultural Tactics in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Liu, Wenjia, Lover-Sister: Female Same-sex Desire and Women's Agency in Feng shuangfei

Liu, Yang, Prejudice and Protestations: Rereading Yu Xuanji's Poetry

Lochore, Laura, Virtual Rape: Vivian's Story

Loftus, Ronald, Depicting Women: Reading the Memoirs and Films of Atsugi Taka

Loh, Jennifer Ung, 'Relations that give us the strength to Live': Relatedness Among Kinnars in Madhya Pradesh, India

Loney, Hannah, 'The Target of a Double Exploitation': Gender and Nationalism in Portuguese Timor 1974–75
    [pdf version]

Louie, Kam reviews Fran Martin's Situating Sexualities: Queer Representation in Taiwanese Fiction, Film and Public Culture

Luo, Chenxi reviews Weijing Lu's Arranged Companions: Marriage and Intimacy in Qing China

Lusby, Stephanie, Refracted 'Awareness': Gendered Interpretations of HIV and Violence Against Women Prevention in Papua New Guinea

Lunsing, Wim reviews Fran Lloyd's edited volume, Consuming Bodies: Sex and Contemporary Art in Japan

Lunsing, Wim, Yaoi Ronsō: Discussing Depictions of Male Homosexuality in Japanese Girls' Comics, Gay Comics and Gay Pornography

Lunsing, Wim, trans., Murakami Takanori & Ishida Hitoshi, The Process of Divergence between 'Men who Love Men' and 'Feminised Men' in Postwar Japanese Media

Lyne, Sandra, Consuming Madame Chrysanthéme: Loti's 'dolls' to Shanghai Baby

Lyons, Lenore, Localised Voices of Feminism: Singapore's Association of Women for Action and Research

Top of Page


Mackintosh, Jonathan D., Itō Bungaku and the Solidarity of the Rose Tribes [Barazoku]: Stirrings of Homo Solidarity in Early 1970s Japan

McDonnell, Siobhan Exploring the Cultural Power of Land Law in Vanuatu: Law as a Performance that Creates Meaning and Identities

McHarry, Mark reviews Jeffrey Angles' Writing the Love of Boys: Origins of Bishōnen Culture in Modernist Japanese Literature

McHarry, Mark reviews Azuma Hiroki's Otaku: Japan's Database Animals

McHarry, Mark reviews Anne Allison's Precarious Japan

McHoul, Alec (commentary), Alastair McNaughton (photography), Street and Studio: Popular Commercial Photography in India and Bangladesh

McHoul, Alec, Coda Looking Back ...

Mackie, Vera, The Metropolitan Gaze: Travellers, Bodies and Spaces

Mackie, Vera reviews Anne Allison's Permitted and Prohibited Desires: Mothers, Comics and Censorship in Japan

Mackie, Vera, Reimagining Governance and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region

Mackie, Vera, Transnational Bricolage: Gothic Lolita and the Political Economy of Fashion

Mackie, Vera, New Women, Modern Girls and the Shifting Semiotics of Gender in Early Twentieth-century Japan

Mackie, Vera, Queering the Page: Mark McLelland and the Shadow Work of Editing and Translating

Welker, James and Vera Mackie, Introduction: Remembering Mark McLelland

Mackie, Vera and Mark Pendleton, On the Move: Globalisation and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region

McKinlay, Megan, Unstable Mothers: Redefining Motherhood in Contemporary Japan

McLaren, Anne, Crossing Gender Boundaries in China: Nüshu Narratives

McLaren, Anne & Iwane Shibuya review Endo Orie's Chûgoku no onnamoji [Chinese Women's Script]

McLaren, Anne, The Grievance Rhetoric of Chinese Women: From Lamentation to Revolution

McLaren, Anne, Competing for Women: The Marriage Market as Reflected in Folk Performance in the Lower Yangzi Delta

McLelland, Mark, Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture in Modern Japan

McLelland, Mark, Interview with Samshasha, Hong Kong's First Gay Rights Activist and Author

McLelland, Mark & Peter Jackson, Introduction to Special AsiaPacifiQueer Issue

McLelland, Mark reviews Satoru Ito and Ryuta Yanase's Coming Out in Japan

McLelland, Mark reviews Karen Kelsky's Women on the Verge: Japanese Women, Western Dreams

McLelland, Mark reviews James E. Roberson & Nobue Suzuki (eds), Men and Masculinities in Contemporary Japan: Dislocating the Salaryman Doxa

McLelland, Mark reviews Tagame Gengoroh's Gay Erotic Art in Japan: Artists from the Time of the Birth of Gay Magazines

McLelland, Mark reviews Wim Marinus Lunsing's Beyond Common Sense: Sexuality and Gender in Contemporary Japan

McLelland, Mark reviews William Leap & Tom Boellstorff (eds) Speaking in Queer Tongues Globalization and Gay Language

McLelland, Mark, Introduction to the Queer Japan Special Issue

McLelland, Mark, trans., Sunagawa Hideki, Japan's Gay History

McLelland, Mark, trans., Sunagawa Hideki, The Social Situation Facing Gays in Japan

McLelland, Mark, trans., Hasegawa Hiroshi, AIDS and the Gay Community in Japan

McLelland, Mark, A Short History of Hentai

McLelland, Mark reviews Wu Cuncun's Homoerotic Sensibilities in Late Imperial China

McLelland, Mark, (A)cute Confusion: The Unpredictable Journey of Japanese Popular Culture

McLelland, Mark, Constructing the 'Modern Couple' in Occupied Japan

McMillan, Karen, Tradition, Respect and the Tongan Telegraph: Cultural, Familial, and Personal Risk Attached to Condom Use for Young People in Tonga

McNaughton, Alastair (photography) & Alec McHoul (commentary), Street and Studio: Popular Commercial Photography in India and Bangladesh

Ma, Yahia Zhengtang reviews Howard Chiang and Alvin K. Wong (eds), Keywords in Queer Sinophone Studies

Mahmood, Shahirah Bte, Politics of Shari'ah Reform and Its Implications for Muslim Women in Malaysia

Mahy, Petra reviews Michele Ford and Lyn Parker's edited volume Women and Work in Indonesia

Mahy, Petra, Being Kartini: Ceremony and Print Media in the Commemoration of Indonesia's First Feminist

Mahy, Petra reviews Rachmah Ida's Imaging Muslim Women in Indonesian Ramadan Soap Operas

Malone, Paul M., Home-grown Shōjo Manga and the Rise of Boys' Love among Germany's 'Forty-Niners'

Manal reviews Elora Halim Chowdhury and Esha Niyogi De's edited South Asian Filmscapes: Transregional Encounters

Martin-Anatias, Nelly, Nicholas J. Long, Sharyn Graham Davies, Pounamu Jade Aikman et al., Lockdown Ibuism: Experiences of Indonesian Migrant Mothers during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Aotearoa New Zealand

Marching, Soe Tjen, Sexual Transgression in the Autobiographies of two Indonesian Women

Marcoes, Lies and Fadilla Dwianti Putri, Testimony of Child Brides: Child Marriage and the Role of Institutions in Nine Regions in Indonesia

Maree, Claire, Ore wa ore dakara ['Because I'm me']: A Study of Gender and Language in the Documentary Shinjuku Boys

Martin-Anatias, Nelly, Nicholas J. Long, Sharyn Graham Davies, Pounamu Jade Aikman et al., Lockdown Ibuism: Experiences of Indonesian Migrant Mothers during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Aotearoa New Zealand

Martin, Fran reviews Hans Tao-Ming Huang's Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan

Martin, Fran, Wild Women and Mechanical Men: a review of Dir. Tsai Ming-Liang's, The Hole

Martin, Fran, The Gender of Mobility: Chinese Women Students' Self-Making through Transnational Education

Masaki Masataka, trans., Katsuhiko Suganuma, Determined to Live as a Man

Matsumoto, Toshiko, 'I leave my destiny to my Goddess [Kamisama]'

Mathieu, Christine reviews Shanshan Du's Chopsticks only work in Pairs: Gender Unity and Gender Equality among the Lahu of Southwestern China

Matthews, Julie, Deconstructing the Visual: The Diasporic Hybridity of Asian and Eurasian Female Images

Matzner, Andrew reviews Mary Beth Mills', Thai Women in the Global Labor Force

Matzner, Andrew, Transgender, queens, mahu, whatever': An Oral History from Hawai'i

Matzner, Andrew reviews Serena Nanda's Gender Diversity: Crosscultural Variations

Matzner, Andrew & LeeRay Costa, Abusing Images: Domestic Violence in Thai Cartoon Books

Medcalf, Anne-Marie, Introduction and Acknowledgements: Issue 1

Medcalf, Anne-Marie, focus on Krishna Sen & Maila Stivens (eds), Gender and Power in Affluent Asia

Medcalf, Anne-Marie, Introduction and Acknowledgements: Issue 3

Medcalf, Anne-Marie reviews Natalie Huynh Chau Nguyen's Vietnamese Voices: Gender and Cultural Identity in the Vietnamese Francophone Novel

Medcalf, Anne-Marie, The Archives' Tales: Gender, Class and Colonial Migration Practices in Vietnam, 1897–1920

Meneses, Kristine C., The Queerness of Malasakit and Pagdamay as a Response to Pansexuality and Depression: A Narrative Exploration

Menon, Krishna reviews Vasanth Kannabiran's A Grief to Bury: Memories of Love, Work & Loss

Merry, Sally Engle, The Travels of Gender and Law

Metuamate, Areti, Gender and the Queen Consort of Tonga

Miao, Wei reviews Xiaolu Guo's Nine Continents: A Memoir In and Out of China

Miller, Jill reviews Grace M. Cho's Haunting the Korean Diaspora:
Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War

Miller, Jill, Teruko Mizushima: Pioneer Trader in Time as a Currency

Miller, Laura, Fostering Japan Sexuality Studies Through Love and Labour

Mir, Safa reviews Francisca Yuenki Lai's Maid to Queer: Asian Labor Migration and Female Same-Sex Desires

Mintz, Malcolm, The Philippines at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century

Mintz, Malcolm, Crime and Punishment in Pre-Hispanic Philippine Society

Mintz, Malcolm, reviews Norman Owen's,The Bikol Blend: Bikolanos and their History

Mintz, Malcolm, Children in Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century Lowland Philippine Societies

Mintz, Malcolm, Money, Weights and Measures in the Philippines at the turn of the Sixteenth Century

Mintz, Malcolm, Jewellery and Body Ornamentation

Mintz, Malcolm , Fibre, Cloth and Clothing in the Philippines at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century

Mishra, Vijay reviews Françoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih (eds), Minor Transnationalism

Mitchell, ElkeTowards an Understanding of Transactional Sex and HIV Risk Among Female University Students in Fiji

Mohan, Anupama, Girish Karnad's Naga-mandala: Problematising Feminism

Monson, Rebecca, Vernacularising Political Participation: Strategies of Women Peace-builders in Solomon Islands

Morris, Narrelle, Innocence to Deviance: The Fetishisation of Japanese Women in Western Fiction, 1890s-1990s

Morris, Narrelle reviews Yuki Tanaka's, Japan's Comfort Women, Sexual Slavery and Prostitution During World War II and the US Occupation

Asep Achmad, Aquarini Priyatna and Amaliatun Saleha Crossing The Boundaries: Performing Male Identity as Portrayal of Self in Bandung Crossplaying Landscape

Murakami Takanori & Ishida Hitoshi, trans. Wim Lunsing, The Process of Divergence between 'Men who Love Men' and 'Feminised Men' in Postwar Japanese Media

Musa, Mahani, Women, Jungle and Motherhood

Top of Page


Naafs, Suzanne reviews Lyn Parker and Pam Nilan's Adolescents in Contemporary Indonesia

Nagaike, Kazumi, Elegant Caucasians, Amorous Arabs, and Invisible Others: Signs and Images of Foreigners in Japanese BL Manga

Nagaike, Kazumi, The Future of Queer Manga Studies: Censorship and Communicative Rationality

Najmah, Siti Khodijah, Najema Alkaff, Siti Fadhila, Fenny Etrawati, Achmad Fickry Faisya, Sharyn Graham Davies, Tom Davies and Sari Andajani, 'Believe It or Not, It's Covid-19': Family Perceptions of Covid-19 in Palembang, Indonesia

Nakamura, Aya reviews Ronald P. Loftus' Changing Lives: The 'Postwar' in Japanese Women's Autobiographies and Memoirs

Naono, Akiko, Transmission of Trauma, Identification and Haunting: A Ghost Story of Hiroshima

Ngu, Kai, Gender Fluidity and Shamanism in the Spanish Philippines

Nguyen, Nathalie, Writing and Memory in Kim Lefèvre's Autobiographical Narratives

Nguyen, Nathalie, 'Métisse Blanche': Entretien avec Kim Lefèvre (Introduction in English)

Nguyen, Nathalie Huynh Chau, War Through Women's Eyes: Nam Phuong's Red on Gold and Yung Krall's A Thousand Tears Falling

Nguyen, Nathalie Huynh Chau, Vietnamese Women: Narratives of Cross-Cultural Marriage

Nisa, Eva F., Cadari of Wahdah Islamiyah: Women as Dedicated Actors of Ultra-conservatism

Noguchi Katsuzō, trans. Katsuhiko Suganuma & James Welker, Japanese Lesbian/Gay Studies

Noritake, Ayami, Negotiating Space and Gender: Female Street Entrepreneurs in Seoul

Norma, Caroline reviews Emma Dalton's Women and Politics in Contemporary Japan

Norris, Craig and Jason Bainbridge, Selling Otaku? Mapping the Relationship between Industry and Fandom in the Australian Cosplay Scene

Top of Page


Oetomo, Dédé & Josko Petkovic, Dédé Oetomo talks on Reyog Ponogoro, (transcript of an interview filmed by Josko Petkovic)

O'Kane, Mary, Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Political Agency of Women Activist-Refugees of Burma

Ortabasi, Melek reviews Michiko Suzuki's Becoming Modern Women: Love and Female Identity in Prewar Japanese Literature and Culture

Osaka, Eiko Reproducing the Stay-At-Home Wife: Japanese Women's Magazines and the Image of Marriage

Oswin, Natalie, Sexual Citizenship in Singapore: The Politics of Population

Otomo, Rio reviews Jim Reichert's In the Company of Men: Representations of Male-Male Sexuality in Meiji Literature

Otomo, Rio When Her Home is no Longer a Home: Out by Natsuo Kirino

Top of Page


Paguntalan-Mijares, Aileen reviews Vina A. Lanzona's Amazons of the Huk Rebellion: Gender, Sex and Revolution in the Philippines

Pagliassotti, Dru, GloBLisation and Hybridisation: Publishers' Strategies for Bringing Boys' Love to the United States

Palermo, Carmencita Anak mula keto "It was always thus." Women Making Progress, Encountering Limits in Characterising the Mask

Pande, Rekha, Women and Children Workers in the Old City of Hyderabad, India

Pandey, Rajyashree, Regendering the Literary and Buddhist Textual Tradition of Medieval Japan

Pandey, Shelly reviews Ania Loomba and Ritty A. Lukose edited volume South Asian Feminisms

Parker, Lyn reviews Helen Creese, Women of the Kakawin World Marriage and Sexuality in the Indic Courts of Java and Bali

Parker, Lyn, To Cover the Aurat: Veiling, Sexual Morality and Agency among the Muslim Minangkabau, Indonesia

Parker, Lyn, Theorising Adolescent Sexualities in Indonesia – Where 'Something different happens'

Parker, Lyn and Helen Bennett, Body, Sexuality and Gender among Contemporary Indonesian Youth: Introduction.

Parker, Lyn reviews Nina Nurmila's Women, Islam and Everyday Life: Renegotiating Polygamy in Indonesia

Parlak, Simel and Esra Bakiler, Perceptions of Masculinity and Choice of Spouse of Turkish University Students

Patil, Smita M., Reading Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Dalit Writings

Pattnaik, Sonali reviews Subhash Chandra's Lesbian Voices: Canada and the World: Theory, Literature, Cinema

Pattnaik, Sonali, Outside the Frame: The Representation of the Hijra in Bollywood Cinema

Paul, Namita, reviews K. Elango, A. Ayyan Perumal and J. Mohan Raj's Emerging Issues on Gender and Women Development

Pendleton, Mark and Vera Mackie, On the Move: Globalisation and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region

Peters, Erica J., Colonial Cholon and its 'Missing' Métisses, 1859–1919

Petkovic, Josko & Tamara Jacka, Ethnography and Video: Researching Women in China's Floating Population

Petkovic, Josko, Waiting for Karila: Bending Time, Theory and Gender in Java and Bali (with notes for a documentary treatment)

Petkovic, Josko & Dédé Oetomo, Dédé Oetomo talks on Reyog Ponogoro, (transcript of an interview filmed by Josko Petkovic)

Pettman, Jan Jindy, Reflections on the Gendering of States, Sovereignty and Security in the Study of International Relations

Platt, Maria, Married Men Behaving Badly: Islam, Gender and Extramarital Relationships in Eastern Indonesia

Pohlman, Annie, A Fragment of a Story: Gerwani and Tapol Experiences

Pollock, Nancy reviews Kalissa Alexeyeff and Katherine Lepani (eds), Sinuous Objects: Revaluing Women's Wealth in the Contemporary Pacific

Presterudstuen, Geir Henning reviews Nicole George's Situating Women: Gender Politics and Circumstance in Fiji

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Qibtiyah, Alimatul, The Conceptualisation of Gender Issues Among Gender Activists and Scholars in Indonesian Universities

Top of Page


Rabson, Steve, The Politics of Trauma: Compulsory Suicides During the Battle of Okinawa and Postwar Retrospectives

Raj, Senthorun, Igniting Desires: Politicising Queer Female Subjectivities in Fire

Rajan, Kalyanee reviews Mangai Natarajan's Women Police in a Changing Society: Back Door to Equality

Rahmani, Azam, Arezoo Fallahi, Leila Allahqoli, Susanne Grylka-Baeschlin, Postpartum Sexual Quality of Life in Two Cultures: A Qualitative Study

Rahmani, Azam, Jamal Asad Mezel, Leila Allahqoli, Arezoo Fallahi, Narges Sadeghi and Peter Higgs, Risky Sexual Behaviour Assessment Scale for Young Women: Development and Psychometric Assessment

Rana, Usha reviews Anuja Agrawal's Chaste Wives & Prostitute Sisters: Patriarchy and Prostitution among the Bedias of India

Rani, K. Suneetha, Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Asia: Introduction

Rawstron, Kirsti, reviews Kaori Okano's Young Women in Japan: Transitions to Adulthood

Rawstron, Kirsti reviews Kumiko Fujimura-Fanselow' edited Transforming Japan: How Feminism and Diversity are making a Difference

Rawstron, Kirsti reviews Petrice R. Flowers' Refugees, Women and Weapons: International Norm Adoption and Compliance in Japan

Reilly, Brandon J. Reproductive Anticolonialism: Placental Politics, Weaponised Wombs and the Power of Abjection in the Early Spanish Mariana Islands

Rencong, Zhou, Leaving Huaihua Valley

Ribera, Jordi Planella, Marc Pallarès Piquer and Adalberto Hernadez Santos, Of Bodies, Flesh and Pedagogy: Bodily Crossings in Present Day Education

Ricordeau, Gwénola reviews J. Neil C. Garcia's Philippine Gay Culture: Binabae to Bakla, Silahis to MSM

Ricordeau, Gwenola reviews Kathy E. Ferguson and Monique Mironesco's edited volume Gender and Globalization in Asia and the Pacific. Method, Practice, Theory

Roberson, James E. reviews Mark McLelland's Male Homosexuality in Modern Japan: Cultural Myths and Social Realities

Roberson, James reviews Mark McLelland's Queer Japan from the Pacific War to the Internet Age

Roberts, Rosemary and Helen Creese, Gender, Text, Performance and Agency in Asian Cultural Contexts

Roberts, Rosemary, Performing Gender in Maoist Ballet: Mutual Subversions of Genre and Ideology in The Red Detachment of Women

Robinson, Kathryn, Islam and Gender Relations in Indonesia, with a Special Focus on Eastern Indonesia

Robinsion, Kathryn and Zazie Bowen, Gender Relations and Women's Agency: Indonesia – India Comparison

Roces, Mina reviews Roland B. Tolentino's National/Transnational Subject Formation, Media and Cultural Politics In and On the Philippines

Roma, Dinah, Of Psalms and Poetry: Bridging the Corporeal Chasm

Ropers, Erik, Labour, Capitalism and Ideology in Interwar and Wartime Japan

Ross, Oliver, Watching Solos in Singapore: Homosexuality, Surrealism and Queer Politics

Roussel, Flora reviews Kanai Mieko's Oh, Tama!

Roussel, Flora reviews Jan Bardsley's Maiko Masquerade: Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan

Ruth Benedict Book Prize awarded in 2011 to Peter A. Jackson (ed.) Queer Bangkok: 21st Century Markets, Media, and Rights

Top of Page


S, Aswathy and Shewli Kumar Assmann, Women Farmers in Kerala, India and Gendered Division of Labour: The Kudumbashree Experience

Saeki, Junko, Beyond the Gender Dichotomy: The Cross-Dressing Tradition in Japanese Theatre

Saenong, Faried F., Kindred Endogamy in a Bugis Migrant Community

Sahgal, Kanav Narayan reviews Madhavi Menon's The Law of Desire: Rulings on Sex and Sexuality in India

Sajid, Nida reviews Anapama Mohan's Utopia and the Village in South Asian Literatures

Sakai, Minako, Embracing Islam, Work and Family: Women's Economic Empowerment in Islamising Indonesia

Sandy, Larissa, HIV, Sex and Sexualities in Asia and the Pacific: Introduction

Sandy, Larissa reviews Trudy Jacobsen's Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History

Sandy, Larissa reviews Vanessa E. Munro & Marina Della Giusta's edited volume, Demanding Sex: Critical Reflections on the Regulation of Prostitution

Santiago, Lilia Quindoza, Syncretic Ethnosexual Rites: Intersections of Sexuality and Ethnicity among Filipinos

Santos, Kristine Michelle L., Immersing in Peripheries and Questioning the Peripheral

Sargeson, Sally reviews Lisa Rofel's Other Modernities: Gendered Yearnings in China after Socialism

Sato, Yasuko reviews Somaly Mam's The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine

Sato, Yasuko reviews Julia C. Bullock, Ayako Kano and James Welker (eds), Rethinking Japanese Feminisms

Schmidt, Johanna, Redefining Fa'afafine: Western Discourses and the Construction of Transgenderism in Samoa

Sen, Monishka (pseudonym), Interlocutor: Akhil Katyal, Where Does Friendship End and Where Does Love Begin? A Personal Narrative

Sen, Suddhaseel, Women in Post-Independence Bengal: Mahanagar by Narendranath Mitra and Satyajit Ray

Sensenig, Victor reviews Greg Fealy and Virginia Hooker's edited text Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia: A Contemporary Sourcebook

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Parinya Charoenphol (Nong Toom) Boxing Cabaret

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Won Young Oh (Adaptation & Direction) The Return, by Theatre Company Nottle

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Jeffrey Tan (Director) Duncan Sarkies (Writer) Lovepuke, Theatre Works, Education & Outreach Singapore

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Aidli 'Alin' Mosbit (Writer & Director) Impenjarament [Imprisonment], Teater Ekamatra

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Deborah Cameron and Don Kulick's Language and Sexuality

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Khoo Gaik Cheng's Reclaiming Adat: Contemporary Malaysian Film and Literature

Sew, Jyh Wee reviews Ramesh Meyyappan's Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains

Sew, Jyh Wee, reviews Takao Kawaguchi and Fuyuki Yamakawa's D.D.D.

Sharma, Rajesh Kumar reviews Sukrita Paul Kumar and Malashri Lal (eds) Speaking for Myself: An Anthology of Asian Women's Writing

Shejale, Sharayu, The Ramayana and its Retellings: Deconstructing the Myth

Shibuya, Iwane & Anne McLaren review Endo Orie's Chûgoku no onnamoji [Chinese Women's Script]

Shigematsu, Setsu, Spectacles of Black-Okinawan-Japanese Feminist Transgression: Militarised Occupations and Afro-Asian Relations in Okinawa and Beyond     [pdf version]

Shindo, Utako, 'Feet through': Artistic Practice between Space and Place

Shishikura, Masaya reviews Rachel Harris, Rowan Pease and Shzr Ee Tan (editors), Gender in Chinese Music

Shruti, Ishita reviews Beatrice Hauser's Promising Rituals: Gender and Performativity in Eastern India

Sinnott, Megan reviews Jiemin Bao's Marital Acts: Gender, Sexuality, and Identity among the Chinese Thai Diaspora

Smith, Katherine, Gender Operationalised? Understanding the NGO Gender Response to Papua New Guinea's Cholera Crisis

Snodgrass, Judith reviews Karma Lekshe Tsomo's Buddhist Women and Social Justice: Ideals, Challenges, and Achievements

Sridhar, M. and Alladi Uma, Well, Isn't the Well Still the Issue?

Soon, Simon, Fabric and the Fabrication of a Queer Narrative: The Batik Paintings of Patrick Ng Kah Onn

Staite, Sophia, Femme Infantile: Australian Lolitas in Theory and Practice

Stebbins, Keith, et al., Dr Christine Stewart 22.10.44 – 22.07.2018: Champion of Human Rights in Papua New Guinea

Stein, Michael reviews Dir. Clara Law's, Floating Life [Fu sheng]

Stewart, Christine, reviews John Barker (ed.), The Anthropology of Morality in Melanesia and Beyond

Stickland, Leonie, Focus on Endo Orie

Stickland, Leonie reviews Jennifer Robertson's Takarazuka: Sexual Politics and Popular Culture in Modern Japan

Stickland, Leonie, Reading Notes on Endo Orie

Stivens, Maila reviews Aihwa Ong's Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty

Stivens, Maila, White Babies and Global Embodiments in Malaysia and Singapore

Stolte, Gretchen reviews Kalissa Alexeyeff and John Taylor (eds), Touring Pacific Cultures

Storer, Graeme, Performing Sexual Identity: Naming and Resisting Gayness in Modern Thailand

Suarez, Theresa C., Filipino Daughtering Narratives: An Epistemology of US Militarisation from Inside     [pdf version]

Suganuma, Katsuhiko and Jamie Paquin, On Optic(s) in Sexual Contact Zones

Suganuma, Katsuhiko, The (Dis)embodied Swimsuit on the Beach

Suganuma, Katsuhiko reviews Fran Martin, Peter A. Jackson, Mark McLelland, and Audrey Yue's edited volume AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities

Suganuma, Katsuhiko, Enduring Voices: Fushimi Noriaki and Kakefuda Hiroko's Continuing Relevance to Japanese Lesbian and Gay Studies and Activism

Suganuma, Katsuhiko, Festival of Sexual Minorities in Japan: A Revival of the Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade in 2005

Suganuma, Katsuhiko & James Welker, trans. Noguchi Katsuzō, Japanese Lesbian/Gay Studies

Suganuma, Katsuhiko, trans. Masaki Masataka, Determined to Live as a Man

Suganuma, Katsuhiko & James Welker, trans. James Welker, Celebrating Lesbian Sexuality: Interview with Inoue Meimy

Suganuma, Katsuhiko , trans. Jeffrey Angles, Interview with Takahashi Mutsuo

Suganuma, Katsuhiko, Reading Mark McLelland: Queering Japan, Queering Ourselves

Sullivan, Charley reviews Annie Pohlman's Women, Sexual Violence and the Indonesian Killings of 1965–66

Sunagawa Hideki, trans. Mark McLelland, Japan's Gay History

Sunagawa Hideki, trans. Mark McLelland The Social Situation Facing Gays in Japan

Sundaram, Neeraja, The Dialectics of Visibility: Locating AIDS and the 'Big H' in My Brother Nikhil and My Own Country

Surtees, Rebecca, Traditional and Emergent Sex Work in Urban Indonesia

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Tai, Mikala, Branded and Planted: The Globalised Chinese Body

Takahashi Mutsuo, trans. Jeffrey Angles, Poems

Tam, Siumi Maria, Practising Gender and Practising Medicine: Tradition and Modernity in Post-Colonial Hong Kong

Tan, Eugene, Troublesome Women and the Patriarchal State: Bifurcated Belonging in Singapore

Tan Qian Hui reviews Victor Minichiello and John Scott's edited Male Sex Work and Society

Tanaka, Masakazu, The Sexual Contact Zone in Occupied Japan: Discourses on Japanese Prostitutes or Panpan for U.S. Military Servicemen

Tang, Denise Tse Shang, An Intimate Dialogue with Chan Kwok Chan in Yau Ching's Ho Yuk: Let's Love Hong Kong

Tanji,Miyume, Close Yet Distant Relations: The Politics of History Textbooks, U.S Military Bases and Trauma in Okinawa

Tanji, Miyume, The Unai Method: The Expansion of Women-only Groups in the Community of Protest Against Violence and Militarism in Okinawa

Taniguchi Hiroyuki, The Legal Situation Facing Sexual Minorities in Japan

Taniguchi Hiroyuki, Building Bridges to the World

Tara, Shelly reviews Reena Patel's Working The Night Shift: Women in India's Call Center Industry

Tay, Elaine, Global Chinese Fraternity and the Indonesian Riots of May 1998: The Online Gathering of Dispersed Chinese

Teaiwa, Katerina M., An Interview with Multidisciplinary Artist Shigeyuki Kihara

Teaiwa, Teresia K., What Makes Fiji Women Soldiers? Context, Context, Context     [pdf version]

Teoh, Karen, The Burden of Proof: Gender, Cultural Authenticity and Overseas Chinese Women's Education in Diaspora

Teshima, Taeko and Andrew W. Jones, Nationalism and Religious Abjection in the 1998 Nagano Olympics Opening Ceremony

Thapar-Bjorkert, Suruchi and Gurchathen Sanghera, The Ascendancy of the Khap Panchayats in Contemporary India: Gender, Caste, Globalisation and Violence

Thomas, Mandy, Stitching at the Boundaries: Vietnamese Garment Industry Workers in Transnational Spaces

Thompson, Jay Daniel reviews Zowie Davy's Recognizing Transsexuals: Personal, Political and Medicolegal Embodiment

Tipton, Elise, Pink Collar Work: The Café Waitress in Early Twentieth Century Japan

Tipton, Elise K. reviews Roger Goodman's edited volume Family and Social Policy in Japan: Anthropological Approaches

Tipton, Elise, Introduction to Mediating the Modern: The Magazine Josei in 1920s Japan

Tipton, Elise, Sex in the City: Chastity vs Free Love in Interwar Japan

Tokita, Alison, Performance and Text: Gender Identity and the Kumano Faith

Townsend, Caroline, For Girls who want to Rock (We Exclude You): Experiences of Discrimination in Indonesian Alternative Music Scenes

Treat, John Whittier, 'Mark, See You at the Club'

Trefalt, Beatrice, Waiting Women: The Return of Stragglers and Japanese Constructions of Womanhood in Collective Memories of World War II, 1972-1974

Turner, Elen Empowering Women? Feminist Responses to Hindutva

Turner, Elen, Reconciling Feminist and Anti-Caste Analyses in Studies of Indian Dalit-Bahujan Women

Turner, Elen reviews Julia C. Bullock's The Other Women's Lib: Gender and Body in Japanese Women's Fiction

Turner, Elen reviews Livia Holden's Hindu Divorce: A Legal Anthropology

Turner, Graeme, Remembering Mark McLelland: A Personal Reflection

Truong, Alexis Hieu, Framing Cosplay: How 'Layers' Negotiate Body and Subjective Experience through Play

Tyler, Royall, Marriage, Rank and Rape in The Tale of Genji

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Ueunten, Wesley, Making Sense of Diasporic Okinawan Identity within US Global Militarisation     [pdf version]

Utomo, Ariane reviews Monika Swasti Winarnita's Dancing the Feminine: Gender and Identity Performances by Indonesian Migrant Women

Utomo, Iwu Dwisetyani and Peter McDonald, Religion, Media, Westernisation and Sexuality among Young People in Urban Middle-Class Indonesia

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Vanderstaay, Lara, Female Consciousness in Contemporary Chinese Women Directors' Films: A Case Study of Ma Xiaoying's Gone is the One Who Held Me Dearest in the World

Verma, Subhash Chandra, Amazing Tharu Women: Empowered and in Control

Victorin-Vangerud, Nancy reviews Fenella Cannell's Power and Intimacy in the Christian Philippines

Vogl, Gillian, Neo Liberal Globalisation, National Security and Border Control Impacts on Displaced and Refugee Women

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Wang, Yiman, Chinese Box – Camera Box

Warren, Carol reviews Anne-Marie Hilsdon, Martha Macintyre, Vera Mackie & Maila Stivens (eds), Human Rights and Gender Politics – Asia Pacific Perspectives

Warren, James F. reviews Yamazaki Tomoko's Sandakan Brothel No. 8: An Episode in the History of Lower-Class Japanese Women

Wei, John, Queer Sinophonicities in (South) East Asia: The Short Films of Desmond Bing-Yen Ti

Welker, James reviews Sharon Chalmers Emerging Lesbian Voices from Japan

Welker, James, trans., Clandestine Wandering in the World of Women: An Interview with Freelance Journalist 'Y'

Welker, James & Katsuko Suganuma, trans. James Welker, Celebrating Lesbian Sexuality: Interview with Inoue Meimy

Welker, James & Katsuhiko Suganuma, trans. Noguchi Katsuzō, Japanese Lesbian/Gay Studies

Welker, James & Lucetta Kam, Introduction: Of Queer Import(s): Sexualities, Genders and Rights in Asia

Welker, James reviews Barbara Summerhawk and Kimberley Hughes (eds), Sparkling Rain and Other Fiction from Japan of Women Who Love Women

Welker, James reviews Antonia Levi, Mark McHarry, and Dru Pagliassotti (eds), Boys' Love Manga: Essays on the Sexual Ambiguity and Cross-Cultural Fandom of the Genre

Welker, James, Mark McLelland and Queer Careers in Japan Studies

Welker, James and Vera Mackie, Introduction: Remembering Mark McLelland

Werbner, Pnina, Between Khatam Qur’ans and Slametans: Gender and Class in South Asian and Indonesian Interdomestic Rituals

Whenmouth, Edwin (trans.), Hasegawa Hiroshi, Confessions of Madame Ursula Bearine

Whincup, Tony, The Woman's Role in Traditional I-Kiribati Dance

Williams, Alan, Rethinking Yaoi on the Regional and Global Scale     [pdf version]

Winarnita, Monika, Trying Not to Lose Face: Indonesian Women Dancers in Perth, Western Australia

Wilson, Ara, Queering Asia

Wilson, Ian Douglas, Reog Ponorogo: Spirituality, Sexuality, and Power in a Javanese Performance Tradition

Wilson, Ian reviews Ariel Heryanto & Sumit K Mandal's Challenging Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia: Comparing Indonesia and Malaysia

Wilson, Sandra reviews Vera Mackie's Creating Socialist Women in Japan: Gender, Labour and Activism, 1900-1937

Wilson, Sandra reviews Carolyn Brewer & Anne-Marie Medcalf's edited Researching the Fragments: Histories of Women in the Asian Context

Wilson, Sandra reviews Barbara Sato's The New Japanese Woman: Modernity, Media, and Women in Interwar Japan

Wilson, Sandra reviews Susan L. Burns' Before the Nation: Kokugaku and the Imagining of Community in Early Modern Japan

Winn, Phillip, Women's Majelis Taklim and Gendered Religious Practice in Northern Ambon

Winter, Sam reviews Andrew Matzner's 'O Au No Keia: Voices from Hawai'i's Mahu and Transgender Communities

Winter, Sam, What Made Me This Way? Contrasting Reflections by Thai and Filipina Transwomen

Wolff, Alexander Michael reviews Adeline Koh and Yu-Mei Balasingamchow's Women and the Politics of Representation in Southeast Asia: Engendering Discourse in Singapore and Malaysia

Wong, Horas reviews Derek Hird and Geng Song's edited collection, The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age

Work, Courtney reviews Peg LeVine's Love and Dread in Cambodia: Weddings, Births, and Ritual Harm Under the Khmer Rouge

Worth, Heather, Bad-Assed Honeys with a Difference: South Auckland Fa'afafine Talk about Identity

Worth, Heather reviews Johanna Schmidt's Migrating Genders: Westernisation, Migration and Samoan Fa'afafine

Wright, Tim reviews David Wells & Sandra Wilson's edited The Russo-Japanese War in Cultural Perspective, 1904–05

Wright Webster, Tracy, Re)articulations: Gender and Female Same-sex Subjectivities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wu, Emily S. reviews Randall L. Nadeau's edited The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Chinese Religions

Wu, Yongmei, Speaking of Life: Life Histories of the Institutionalised Elderly in Kotobuki

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Xiangfen, Wang, Looking Back I am Proud

Xiao, Hui reviews Tze-lan D. Sang's The Emerging Lesbian: Female Same-Sex Desire in Modern China

Xiaohong, Mian, Burdened Youth

Xiaoxin Zeng, reviews Ligaya Lindio-McGovern and Isidor Wallimann edited volume Globalization and Third World Women: Exploitation, Coping and Resistance

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Yamaguchi, Tsumako, 'My life is one that burns with enthusiasm'

Ye, Ziling, Zishu nü: Dutiful Daughters of the Guangdong Delta

Yeager, Jack A., Departure as Return: Kim Doan's Sur place

Yue, Audrey, Migration-as-Transition: Pre-Post-1997 Hong Kong Culture in Clara Law's Autumn Moon

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Zeplin, Pamela, Grandmothers, Grass Skirts and a Little Piece of Paradise

Zhang, Yu, Competing Representations under Alien Rule: Women in Mongol-Yuan China

Zhang, Yu reviews Andrea S. Goldman's Opera and the City: The Politics of Culture in Beijing, 1770–1900

Zhao, Jing (Jamie) reviews Elisabeth L. Engebretsen's Queer Women in Urban China: An Ethnography

Zhihua, Huang, The Law is By My Side

Zubillaga-Pow, Jun, Trans-Aesthetics: The Art of Ming Wong between Nation and State

Zubillaga-Pow, Jun reviews Hugo Córdova Quero, Joseph N. Goh and Michael Sepidoza Campos' edited volume, Queering Migrations Towards, From, and Beyond Asia

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