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Issue 48. Gender, Sexuality and Postcolonial Christianities in the Philippines, November 2022

Issue 47. General Issue, July 2022

Issue 46. Queering our Worlds: Remembering Mark McLelland, December 2021

Issue 45. Covid-19 Experiences in India, Indonesia and New Zealand, April 2021

Issue 44. General Issue, April 2020

Issue 43. Gender Relations and Women's Agency: Indonesia – India Comparison, July 2019

Issue 42. Miscellaneous Issue, August 2018

Issue 41. Changing Masculinities in Japan, December 2017

Issue 40. The Fragmented Family in Modern Japan, January 2017

Issue 39. Parenthood, Gender and Generation in Urban East Asia, August 2016

Issue 38. Queer Theory and Visual Cultures in Southeast Asia, August 2015

Issue 37. Gender and Sexual Politics of Pacific Island Militarisation, March 2015

Issue 36. Troubling Gender, Vexing Sexualities in Singapore and Malaysia, September 2014

Issue 35. Polygyny, Extended Families and Other Anomalies: Alternative Gendered Visions of Intimacy, Love, Family and Community in Asia and the Pacific, July 2014

Issue 34. Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Asia, March 2014

Issue 33. Grounding Travelling Concepts: Dialogues with Sally Engle Merry about Gender and Justice, December 2013

Issue 32. Cosplay, Lolita and Gender in Japan and Australia, July 2013

Issue 31. Post-Colonial and Contemporary Sexual Contact Zones in East Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Australia), December 2012

Issue 30. Islam and Gender Relations in Indonesia, with a Special Focus on Eastern Indonesia, November 2012

Issue 29, Allure and Anxiety: Entertainers, Glamour Girls and New Women in Japan and Korea, May 2012

Issue 28, Women and Gender Politics in Asia and the Pacific, March 2012

Issue 27, Dance, Gender and the Moving Body in Oceania, November 2011

Issue 26, HIV, Sex and Sexualities in Asia and the Pacific, August 2011

Issue 25, Gender, Culture and Religion, February 2011

Issue 24, Arts and Media Responses to the Traumatic Effects of War on Japan, June 2010

Issue 23, Performing Globalisation: Asia–Pacific Perspectives, January 2010

Issue 22, Face(t)s of Woman: Gender in the Indian Cultural Context, October 2009

Issue 21, Vietnam: Colonialisms, Postcolonialisms, Diasporas, September 2009

Issue 20, Japanese Transnational Fandoms and Female Consumers, April 2009

Issue 19, Gender and Culture in Contemporary Indonesia, February 2009

Issue 18, Body, Sexuality and Gender among Contemporary Indonesian Youth, October 2008

Issue 17, Women Workers and Traders and the Globalisation Agenda in the Asian Context, July 2008

Issue 16, Gender, Text, Performance and Agency in Asian Cultural Contexts, March 2008

Issue 15, Gender, Governance and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region, May 2007

Issue 14, Of Queer Import(s): Sexualities, Genders and Rights in Asia, November 2006

Issue 13, Crime, Punishment and Violence, August 2006

Issue 12, Queer Japan, January 2006

Issue 11, Media and the Creation of New Japanese Women and Narrating War, Imperialism and the Nation,
August 2005

Issue 10, Women's Stories from Indonesia, August 2004

Issue 9, Globalisation and Culture, August 2003

Issue 8, Deconstructing Popular and Diasporic Images, October 2002

Issue 7, Japan Past and Present: A Multidisciplinary Special Issue, March 2002

Issue 6, Featuring Papers from the first AsiaPacifiQueer Conference August, 2001

Issue 5, Images of Women, May 2001

Issue 4, Displacements, Transitions and Diasporas, September 2000

Issue 3, Cultural Translations, Cultural Appropriations: Spaces, Media and Performance, January 2000

Issue 2, Sexuality and Gender, May 1999

Issue 1, Inaugural Issue, September 1998


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