Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context
Issue 8, October 2002

Deconstructing Popular and Diasporic Images

Film Review
Book Reviews
Reading Notes

    Street and Studio: Popular Commercial Photography in India and Bangladesh

    Alastair McNaughton (photography), Alec McHoul (commentary)

    Coda Looking Back ...
    Alec McHoul

    Abusing Images: Domestic Violence in Thai Cartoon Books
    LeeRay Costa and Andrew Matzner

    Deconstructing the Visual: The Diasporic Hybridity of Asian and Eurasian Female Images
    Julie Matthews

    Remembering Forgetting: Love-stories by Nicholas Jose, Simone Lazaroo and Hsu-ming Teo
    Lyn Jacobs

    Consuming Madame Chrysanthème: Loti's 'dolls' to Shanghai Baby
    Sandra Lyne

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    Not Just the Maid: Negotiating Filipina Identity in Italy

    Grace Ebron

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    Film Review : Guest Editor Yingchi Chu
    Floating Life [Fu sheng]

    reviewed by Michael Stein

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    Book Reviews
    Kam Louie
    Theorising Chinese Masculinity: Society and Gender in China

    reviewed by Chris Berry

    Louise Edwards and Mina Roces, editors
    Women in Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Globalisation
    reviewed by Stephanie Lawson

    Carolyn Brewer
    Holy Confrontation: Religion, Gender and Sexuality in the Philippines, 1521-1685
    reviewed by Barbara Andaya

    Heather Claussen
    Unconventional Sisterhood: Feminist Catholic Nuns in the Philippines
    reviewed by Carolyn Brewer

    Karen Kelsky
    Women on the Verge: Japanese Women, Western Dreams
    reviewed by Mark McLelland

    Shu-mei Shih
    The Lure of the Modern: Writing Modernism in Semicolonial China 1917-1937
    reviewed by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

    Ping-Chun Hsiung, Maria Jaschok, and Cecilia Milwertz (eds), with Red Chan
    Chinese Women Organizing: Cadres, Feminists, Muslims, Queers
    reviewed by Arianne Gaetano

    Ha Thi Phuong Tien and Ha Quang Ngoc
    Female Labour Migration: Rural-Urban
    reviewed by Jocelyn Grace

    Andrew Matzner
    'O Au No Keia: Voices from Hawai'i's Mahu and Transgender Communities
    reviewed by Sam Winter

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    Reading Notes
    International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Center for Advanced Study (CAS)
    Paths of Exploitation: Studies on the trafficking of women and children between Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

    reading notes by Jocelyn Grace

    Susan Blackburn (editor)
    Love, Sex and Power: Women in Southeast Asia
    reading notes by Jocelyn Grace

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    Books Received

    Call For Papers


This issue was originally published in Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context, with the assistance of Murdoch University.

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