Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 37, March 2015

Gender and Sexual Politics of Pacific Island Militarisation

Guest editors: Victor Bascara, Keith L. Camacho and Elizabeth DeLoughrey

Introduction: Gender and Sexual Politics of Pacific Island Militarisation
Victor Bascara, Keith L. Camacho and Elizabeth DeLoughrey
    [pdf version]


A History of Chamorro Nurse-Midwives in Guam and a 'Placental Politics' for Indigenous Feminism
Christine Taitano DeLisle     [pdf version]

Making Sense of Diasporic Okinawan Identity within US Global Militarisation
Wesley Ueunten     [pdf version]

Spectacles of Black-Okinawan-Japanese Feminist Transgression: Militarised Occupations and Afro-Asian Relations in Okinawa and Beyond
Setsu Shigematsu     [pdf version]

Filipino Daughtering Narratives: An Epistemology of US Militarisation from Inside
Theresa C. Suarez     [pdf version]

Dis/articulation of Ethnic Minority and Indigeneity in the Decolonial Feminist and Independence Movements in Okinawa
Ayano Ginoza     [pdf version]

What Makes Fiji Women Soldiers? Context, Context, Context
Teresia K. Teaiwa     [pdf version]


Books Received

Additional Papers

'The Target of a Double Exploitation': Gender and Nationalism in Portuguese Timor 1974–75
Hannah Loney     [pdf version]

The Pretty Imperative: Handcuffing Policewomen in Indonesia
Sharyn Graham Davies and Hanny Savitri Hartono     [pdf version]

Rethinking Yaoi on the Regional and Global Scale
Alan Williams     [pdf version]

Book Review Section
edited by Kumiko Kawashima, Tanya Caulfield, Tyrell Haberkorn
and Anna-Karina Hermkens

Review Essay

Queer Asia: Advances in a Field in Motion
Michiel Baas     [pdf version]

Book Reviews

Elena J. Kim
Adopted Territory: Transnational Korean Adoptees and the Politics of Belonging
reviewed by Richard Gehrmann     [pdf version]

Geng Song and Derek Hird
Men and Masculinities in Contemporary China
reviewed by Andrew Lea     [pdf version]

Christine R. Yano
Airborne Dreams: 'Nisei' Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways
reviewed by Rebecca Farber     [pdf version]


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