Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 26, August 2011

HIV, Sex and Sexualities in Asia and the Pacific

Guest editor: Larissa Sandy

HIV, Sex and Sexualities in Asia and the Pacific: Introduction
Larissa Sandy


Towards an Understanding of Transactional Sex and HIV Risk Among Female University Students in Fiji
Elke Mitchell

Tradition, Respect and the Tongan Telegraph: Cultural, Familial, and Personal Risk Attached to Condom Use for Young People in Tonga
Karen McMillan

Who Counts? Hawai'i's Mahuwahine (Male-to-Female Transgenders) and Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS
Linda Ikeda

The Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Gay Men's Community-Based Responses in Japan
Jane Koerner and Seiichi Ichikawa

Marginalisation of 'Immoral Women': Experiences of Young Women Street Sex Workers in Surabaya, Indonesia
Hilary Gorman

Say No to Seks Bebas! Transnational Women Migrants and Indonesia's Strategies for HIV Prevention
Theresa W. Devasahayam

Sex Work, Migration, HIV and Trafficking: Chinese and other Migrant Sex Workers in Australia
Elena Jeffreys and Roberta Perkins

Book Reviews (edited by Kumiko Kawashima)

Review Article

Labour, Capitalism and Ideology in Interwar and Wartime Japan
Erik Ropers


Grace M. Cho
Haunting the Korean Diaspora:
Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War

reviewed by Jill Miller

Ayelet Zohar (Editor)
PostGender: Gender, Sexuality and Performativity in Japanese Culture
reviewed by Emerald King

Kaori Okano
Young Women in Japan: Transitions to Adulthood
reviewed by Kirsti Rawstron

Julia C. Bullock
The Other Women's Lib: Gender and Body in Japanese Women's Fiction
reviewed by Elen Turner

Trudy Jacobsen
Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History
reviewed by Larissa Sandy


Books Received


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