Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 21, September 2009

Colonialisms, Postcolonialisms, Diasporas

Guest editor Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen


Colonial Cholon and its 'Missing' Métisses, 1859–1919
Erica J. Peters

The Archives' Tales: Gender, Class and Colonial Migration Practices in Vietnam, 1897–1920
Anne-Marie Medcalf

Vietnamese Women: Narratives of Cross-Cultural Marriage
Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen

'An Open Wound on a Smooth Skin': (Post)colonialism and the Melancholic Performance of Trauma in the Works of Linda Lê
Lily V. Chiu

Departure as Return: Kim Doan's Sur place
Jack A. Yeager


Books Received

Book Reviews

Vina A. Lanzona
Amazons of the Huk Rebellion: Gender, Sex and Revolution in the Philippines
reviewed by Aileen Paguntalan-Mijares

Vanessa E. Munro & Marina Della Giusta (eds)
Demanding Sex: Critical Reflections on the Regulation of Prostitution
reviewed by Larissa Sandy

Leonie R. Stickland
Gender Gymnastics: Performing and Consuming Japan's Takarazuka Revue
reviewed by Beverley Curran

Kathy E. Ferguson and Monique Mironesco (eds)
Gender and Globalization in Asia and the Pacific. Method, Practice, Theory
reviewed by Gwenola Ricordeau

Fran Martin, Peter A. Jackson, Mark McLelland, and Audrey Yue (eds)
AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities
reviewed by Katsuhiko Suganuma


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