Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 31, December 2012

Post-Colonial and Contemporary Sexual Contact Zones
in East Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Australia)

Guest editors: Jamie Paquin and Katsuhiko Suganuma

On Optic(s) in Sexual Contact Zones
Katsuhiko Suganuma and Jamie Paquin     [pdf version]


From Interzone to Transzone: Race and Sex in the Contact Zones of Shanghai's Global Nightlife
James Farrer and Andrew David Field

Dancing in the Maelstrom of Chinese Modernity: Jazz-Age Shanghai Cabarets as Sexual Contact Zones in Fact and Fiction
Andrew David Field

Becoming Asian in Australia: Migration and a Shift in Gender Relations among Young Japanese
Kumiko Kawashima     [pdf version]

Dream Chasers: Japanese Migrant Women in International Marriages and their Experiences in the Hierarchy of Languages
Mayuko Itoh

An Introduction to X-Jendā: Examining a New Gender Identity in Japan
S.P.F. Dale

Discussion Paper

The Sexual Contact Zone in Occupied Japan: Discourses on Japanese Prostitutes or Panpan for U.S. Military Servicemen
Masakazu Tanaka

Book Reviews
edited by Kumiko Kawashima, Tanya Caulfield and Tyrell Haberkorn

Ruth Vanita
Gender, Sex and the City: Urdu Rekhti Poetry in India, 1780–1870
reviewed by Rohit Dasgupta

Margaret Jolly, Christine Stewart with Carolyn Brewer (eds)
Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea
reviewed by Nicole George

Jeffrey Angles
Writing the Love of Boys: Origins of Bishōnen Culture in Modernist Japanese Literature
reviewed by Mark McHarry

Hans Tao-Ming Huang
Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan
reviewed by Fran Martin

Zowie Davy
Recognizing Transsexuals: Personal, Political and Medicolegal Embodiment
reviewed by Jay Daniel Thompson


Books Received


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