Issues 1.2 and 2.1 April 2010

edited by Margaret Jolly and Carolyn Brewer

Margaret Jolly

AAAPS Executive Committee Members


Putting Values into Practice in PNG:
The Poro Sapot Project and Aid Effectiveness
Elizabeth Reid


Ron Crocombe
Brij V Lal and Peter Larmour

Bernard Narokobi
Jean Zorn

Jason Lavare
Christine Stewart

James Griffin
Hank Nelson

Asia-Pacific Week Papers

Chamorro Men in the Making: Capitalism and Indigenous Masculinities
under US Colonialism in Guam
James Perez Viernes

Women and Natural Resource Development in the Solomon Islands:
An Insider View
Ruth Afia Maetala

Participatory Research on Land Issues in Solomon Islands
Rebecca Monson

A Basis for a Judicial Decolonisation of Rapanui
Rodrigo Gómez

An Analysis of Post-Conflict Explanations of Indigenous Dissent Relating to the Bougainville Copper Mining Conflict, Papua New Guinea
Simon Kenema

Tourism Issues in the Pacific
Susana Tauaa

New Researchers in Melbourne

Benedicta Rousseau, Hugo DeBlock,
John Cox, Elisabeth Betz

ANU E-Press and Asia Pacific Press Books List

Pacific Conferences and Events

Podcast Interview

Interview with Brij V Lal about Fiji (0:51:20 mp3 23.5mb)
Interviewer Margaret Jolly Our grateful thanks go to Darren Boyd (ANU) for helping with the podcast technology.

Reviews, Rejoiners and Reflections

Tuimacilai: A Review Essay
Brij V Lal

Where did all the flowers go?
A rejoinder to Lal's tirade against Tuimacilai and its mischievous author
Deryck Scarr

Review and Reflections on Tim Anderson and Gary Lee's edited collection
In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land
Kirk Huffman

Reviews of Art Exhibitions

Pacific Storms: A Contemporary Pacific Art Exhibition
reviewed by Prue Ahrens

Tapa in Four Ways
reviewed by Fiona Davies

Talking Tapa: Pasifika Bark Cloth in Queensland
reviewed by Joan G Winter

News from the North

Ton Otto on his work and the Cairns Institute
Ton Otto


Pasifika Australia Newsletter
Katerina Teaiwa et al


Oceanic Transformations on the Yarra,
Melbourne Conference of the AAAPS, April 2010
Helen Hill

APFRN Support for Asia-Pacific Week
John Burton

CDI's Women in Politics Training Course 2009
Luke Hambly

Report on 'The Big Island.' Promoting Contemporary Art and Craft in Australia
A Development Workshop
Pamela Zeplin and Paul Sharrad

APFRN Report: Developing a Sustainable Cultural Economy in PNG
Susan Cochrane and Jason Potts

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