eJournal of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies
Issues 1.2 and 2.1, April 2010

The Virus
artist: Winnie Weoa (PNG)
acrylic on canvas (150x 200cm)

Artist's comment: This work explores and highlights
the deadly AIDS virus in the contemporary Pacific.

artist: Winnie Weoa (PNG)
acrylic on canvas (150 x 200cm)

Artist's comment: Realities of small island
nations in the Pacific and climate change.

artist: Jeffry Feeger (PNG)
acrylic on canvas (130 x 170cm), 2009.

Artist's comment: In Transition, the subject is a young Bougainville
child blended into an orchid and a hibiscus. For me, this painting brings
home so many aspects of Papua New Guinea life. It is epic in its scale
and in its message.

On the surface, this painting is about finding our love for the earth again,
and that some of us are still in ‘transition’. It is also about how children
can be our teachers, in that they can be so closely connected with nature.

artist: Abraham Lagi (Fiji)
oil on canvas (95 x 100cm), 2009

Artist's comment: Being a Christian, I believe in the second coming of the
almighty, Jesus. He would take us to the place that he had prepared for us,
but only if we prepare ourselves. For like a storm, only those that are
prepared will be safe.


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