Special Issue

Dance, Gender, and the Moving Body in Oceania

Guest editors
Katerina Teaiwa (Australian National University)
April K Henderson (Victoria University of Wellington)
Sean Mallon (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)

Call for Contributions

The performing arts have always embodied and reflected the political, cultural and social life of Pacific peoples. This special issue invites submissions of scholarly articles, reflection pieces, video, images, visual montages, and original artwork on the theme of dance, gender, and the moving body in Oceania. In addition to general submissions related to these themes, guest editors Teaiwa, Henderson, and Mallon—convenors of the 2005 international conference Culture Moves! Dance in Oceania from Hiva to Hip Hop—also warmly encourage reflections on that conference and/or discussion of Oceanic dance initiatives, symposia, or research that may have developed since.

Questions to be considered could include (but are not limited to):
  • What are some of the tensions around gender reflected in Pacific dance?
  • How do Pacific dance practices work to create, challenge, reinforce, or otherwise make meaning about gender and sexuality?
  • How have tourism, the space of the stage, the increasing importance of festivals, museums and galleries, the advent of the internet, and broader and more diverse audiences transformed Pacific performing arts?
  • How do gender or generation impact the spaces and choreographic possibilities of dance genres associated with Pacific cultural heritage, or Western contemporary training, or popular street dance?
  • What roles have transgender/third gender practitioners played, historically or currently, in perpetuating Pacific dance?
The online nature of the journal allows for added flexibility in including images, video clips, and other supplementary materials.

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2010 (note extension>

Submissions and enquiries should be directed to Katerina Teaiwa, or April K Henderson.

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