Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific

Books Received

Saskia E. Wieringa, Evelyn Blackwood and Abha Bhaiya (eds)
Women's Sexualities and Masculinities in a globalizing Asia
Comparative Feminist Studies Series,
New York and Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007
ISBN 978-1 4039-7768-7 and 1-4039-7768-2
paper, pp. xvi + 279

Susan Blackburn, Bianca J. Smith and Siti Syamsiyatum (eds)
Indonesian Islam in a New Era:
How Women Negotiate their Muslim Ideltities

Monash Asia Institute Press, 2008
rrp $39.95. ISBN 978 1 876924 54 6
Olivia Khoo
The Chinese Exotic
Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2007
ISBN 978-962-209-879-4 (hbk) and 978-962-209-889-3 (pbk)
pp. vii + 218

Rey Ventura
Into the Country of Standing Men
Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2007
ISBN: 978-971-550-507-9, pp. ix, 314
Roxana Waterson (editor)
Southeast Asian Lives
Ohio University, Research in International Studies,
Southeast Asia Series 113, 2006,
Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2007
ISBN 10-9971-69-344-5 paper, pp. x + 317

Lee Ray Costa and Andrew Matzner
Male Bodies Women's Souls:
Personal Naratives of Thailand's Transgendered Youth
New York, London, Oxford: The Haworth Press 2007,
ISBN 978-0-7890-3115-0, pp. xxii, 181.
David Der-Wei Wang & Carlos Rojas (editors)
Writing Taiwan
A New Literary History

Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2007
ISBN 978-08223-3867-3, pp. x, 412.

Tom Boellstorff
A Coincidence of Desires
Anthropology, Queer Studies, Indonesia
Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2007
ISBN 978-0-8223-3991-5, pp. xiii, 292, US$22.95

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