Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 48, November 2022

Gender, Sexuality and Postcolonial Christianities in the Philippines

guest edited by Agnes Brazal, Marilou Ibita and Michael Sepidoza Campos


Of Psalms and Poetry: Bridging the Corporeal Chasm
Dinah Roma     [pdf version]

Gender Fluidity and Shamanism in the Spanish Philippines
Kai Ngu     [pdf version]

On Women Making the First Move: Has the Courting Script Changed?
Bonnadelbert A. Antonio, Philip C. Lucas and Agnes M. Brazal     [pdf version]

Gender Bias in Selected English Textbooks
Eden Regala Flores and Connie M. Aranduque     [pdf version]

Emotions towards God of Selected LGBTQs in the Philippines and the Experience of Shame
Michael Sepidoza Campos, Clarence Darro del Castillo, Gregory Siy Ching and Fides del Castillo     [pdf version]

Disrupting Epistemic Injustice: Gender Equality and Progressive Philippine Catholic Communities
Hazel T. Biana, Mark Anthony Dacela and Rosallia Domingo     [pdf version]

The Queerness of Malasakit and Pagdamay as a Response to Pansexuality and Depression: A Narrative Exploration
Kristine C. Meneses     [pdf version]

Book Review Section
edited by Kumiko Kawashima, Anna-Karina Hermkens and Safdar Bajwa

Reginald Jackson
A Proximate Remove: Queering Intimacy and Loss in The Tale of Genji
reviewed by Holly Eva Allen     [pdf version]

Sabine Frühstück
Gender and Sexuality in Modern Japan
reviewed by Flora Roussel     [pdf version]

Senthorun Sunil Raj
Feeling Queer: Jurisprudence Injury, Intimacy, Identity
reviewed by Shazia Riaz Dar and Sobia Bano     [pdf version]

Sarah Lamb
Being Single in India: Stories of Gender, Exclusion, and Possibility
reviewed by Kanchan Biswas     [pdf version]


Books Received


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